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Interview at Mary’s Menage Whispers

Good Morning!

I’ve been interviewed by Mary at Mary’s Menage Whispers. Why don’t you swing on by?  There are a couple neat little tid-bits you might learn about me 🙂




Release Contest

Time to celebrate the release of Summer’s Wicked Cowboys!  What better way to share in the celebration than to have a contest 🙂

So…here are the rules:

Time for a little treasure hunt.  The answers to the following questions can be located somewhere on my blog or at www.bookstrand.com/rhea-regale.  Post your answers in the comments.  Note that the starred questions do not need to have exact answers, word-for-word 😉  The contest will end Sunday evening, November 10th, at 11:59 est. I’ll draw a random winner Monday, November 11 (Veteran’s Day).

The prize?  $20.00 gift card for Amazon!

Here goes!  Have a blast discovering, or rediscovering, Ryder 🙂


1.) What logo is on Carter’s shirt when Braden first sees him in the stables after his return?

2.) Complete the sentence: Lexi’s nose pressed against the __________________.

*3.) What does Mandy swear she’ll do to anyone who called her “Mandy May?”

4.)  What is Carter’s endearment for Summer?

5.) What name does Craig address Mandy by?

*6.) How was Brent burned in his past?

7.) Which Ryder will have his story told in Casanova Cowboys 4?

*8.) What is the root of the bad blood between Craig and Brody?

9.) Carter left Ryder how many years ago?

And this last one to leave you feeling a little warm 😉

10.) Deeper and deeper, he worked the ________, touching areas inside her body she had only recently discovered existed for the purpose of pleasure.

Thank you for participating and good luck!



The Romance Reviews Year-End Splash! Party

Happy November!  Don’t miss the fun going on at The Romance Reviews this month.  There are tons of prizes and awesome authors that’ll be hanging out and partying it up 🙂  One lucky winner will receive an e-book of Summer’s Wicked Cowboys during the month.  Keep an eye out.

Oh, are you looking for that hint for the hangman game?  Ah, I see.  Very well.  Here’s a brand new excerpt from Summer’s Wicked Cowboys, due out November 6th.  Don’t forget to pick up your copy at the special discounted price through November 13th!



“I hope your family doesn’t feel the need to leave ‘cause I stopped by,” Summer said. Carter snickered and shook his head.

“Honey, the last reason they’d leave is because of you. The first reason they’d leave is because they can’t control their dicks.”

Summer’s eyes widened. She quickly put the bottle to her mouth and took a deep drink when Carter turned back to her.

“Brother, I’m headin’ out, too. No beatin’ down fences, got it?” Landon said. He pointed to Summer. “You take care of him, hear?”

He waved and hustled out the front door behind the trio. Carter turned his hand over and looked at his raw knuckles. Summer nodded. “So that’s what happened?”

“Something like that,” Carter admitted. Summer placed her bottle on the table and scuffed her boot on the floor. “I’m curious to know if you’re here for me.”

“I’m not sure yet.” Say no. Tell him you’re here for Braden. What a lie that would be. “Why’d you beat the fence?”

“Many reasons. Many you may not understand.”

Summer clenched her teeth as a stab of hurt and anger shot through her. She lifted her chin, straightened her shoulders, and jammed her fists deep into her coat pocket. Carter arched a brow, a hint of humor flashing in his eyes.

“Carter Ryder, I’m not gonna stand for bein’ left in the dark ‘cause you don’t think I’d understand. Get it out, and get it all out now, if you have any hope of redemption.”

Carter’s arms dropped. He stepped into her. “Redemption?” She stepped back. He advanced again. “Is there a chance I might be able to redeem myself in your eyes?”

“I–I didn’t say that.”

“No?” He caught her around the waist and eased her against him. God, why did she go to him without a fight? His rich chuckle left her knees weak. “I’m pretty sure that’s what you said.”

His fingers brushed up under her shirt against the bare flesh of her lower back. A spark caught fire, that liquid flame filling her womb and hot juice seeping from her cunt. She struggled to get her hands free of her coat pockets, her heavy breasts pressing firmly against his hard chest.

“Maybe you heard wrong,” Summer said.

Carter caught her off guard when he claimed her in a kiss that slashed every reasonable thought from her mind. A long-suppressed hunger rushed her. She grew pliant in his arms, following the lead of his skilled tongue, indulging in a taste she had craved all these years.

When he tipped his head down and broke away from her mouth, she practically whimpered.

“Did I, Summer?” he whispered, his moist lips kissing a trail to her ear. “Hear wrong?”

“Maybe not,” she admitted, finally freeing her hands from her pockets. Paths of warmth and weakness flowed through her limbs.

“Good, angel, because all I want to do is take you in my arms and love you more than ever before,” Carter whispered against her ear, sending chills spiraling through her bones. She gripped his shoulders, hard-packed muscles she wanted to slide her hands down. The airy kiss of his warm breath made her tremble. “There was more to that night.”

Sneak peek at Summer’s Wicked Cowboys, Casanova Cowboys 3

It’s almost release day for Summer and her wicked cowboys 🙂

If you haven’t stopped over at Siren Publishing yet, here’s a sneak peek from the third Casanova Cowboys novel.  Want something a little more spicy?  Hot?  Down right sexy?  Check it out at www.bookstrand.com/summers-wicked-cowboys. 

Oh, and don’t forget to stop back tomorrow for a brand new excerpt, a special little glimpse into the life of Ryder’s most controversial member 🙂




“Seems you know how to hold yourself around horses,” Braden said, dully noting that this particular mare was a skittish three-year-old who didn’t like anyone besides him. The man finished speaking, pat the mare’s neck, and turned.

Braden stared for a long moment. Oh shit. He knew the color of those shadowed eyes that stared at him in what appeared to be the same degree of shock that stole the breath from his lungs. Only when his coffee mug smacked into the dirt at his feet, the liquid splattering in every direction, did he grab hold of his bearings long enough to observe the man who was awfully familiar and yet a total stranger in the same instant.

Carter tugged off his cap and ruffled his dark hair, the wavy strands barely long enough to brush against his forehead. The overhead lighting highlighted a deep scar that etched along the man’s right cheek and upper lip. His eyes, when he finally looked up at him again, held a haunting mist along their bright blues.

Braden’s stomach knotted. His heart did a strange flip inside his chest. At one time, he would have delighted in the feel of his legs weakening and his cock swelling. Right now, he hated it.

Carter had no fucking business showing up in Ryder like this after what he did. None!

“Well, now everythin’ makes sense,” Braden groused. He reached down and grabbed his mug, ignoring the dirt clinging to the sides. “I’ll be back to check on the horses, since it’s obvious you know your way around here better than me.”

Braden spun on a heel and stormed down the aisle. He barely made it ten feet when Carter grabbed his shoulder and brought him up short.

“Hey,” Carter said. Braden whipped around and away from the man who looked so different, yet so much the same, as he had five years ago. There was a powerful air surrounding Carter, something dark pulsing along his being. It left Braden half breathless, half cautious. He had grown in delicious muscle, each fine cut and curve evident, despite the tattoo and cotton shirt. Thigh muscles strained against dark-blue jeans. His face held telltale wounds that gave him a mysterious, almost sharp, appearance.

Gone was the once carefree, jubilant rebel Ryder. A new man stood in Carter’s body, one that held more secrets, darker secrets, than Braden could begin to decipher. Not that he cared to do much deciphering after the bastard disappeared under suspicious circumstances without as much as a two minute explanation.

Carter rubbed the strong frame of his jaw, turning his face away enough to hide the scars.

Braden glanced down at the T-shirt, hugging Carter’s hard-muscled body. Go Army was printed in bold black block letters on a grey background. He narrowed his eyes, taking a moment to scour Carter’s bare arms. Light marks marred his tanned flesh, some new scars, some old. He got a better look at the tattoo of a gothic style cross nestled in a bed of black thorns and branches. A pair of dark-red hearts perched on the arms of the cross, Rosalin etched in beautiful calligraphy above the cross.

Carter glanced down at his arm and frowned. “Got it shortly after the accident.”

“Murder. She was murdered,” Braden muttered. Carter’s eyes shot up to him. Within a split second, the man he had fallen hard and fast for five years ago shut himself off. A mask of indifference slammed down over Carter’s face. His eyes became hollow, distant, and cold. “It might help if you acknowledge the facts.”

“You’re being a bit outspoken.”

“And I don’t have the right to speak out about that night? What the hell happened, Carter?” Braden growled, taking another step back to put more distance between them. “You bailed Ryder within an hour after your momma was killed and your father put a bullet from the same barrel into his own head. You ran the hell away from that, from all the people who gave a fuckin’ shit about you. You made the town gossip about your part in your parent’s death because of your actions.”

“There’s more to it than that, Bray. You’ve no idea what happened that night,” Carter said, his voice taking on a chilling edge. Braden snorted. He punched his fisted hand deep into his coat pocket to keep from punching Carter’s handsome face. This was not how he wanted to start his morning.

“Maybe you should let me in on the secret, you selfish prick. You weren’t the only one affected by the events that played out behind closed doors.” Braden shoved his dirty mug into Carter’s chest. The man tensed, not moving an inch. He lifted his chin. “What about me, Carter? What about Summer? You remember her? You loved her, didn’t you? You know what you did to her?”

Something cut across Carter’s face, but vanished behind ice as quickly as it appeared. Braden nodded once.

“Yeah, that woman had it hard for you and you fuckin’ left her like all the rest you flung aside once you had your fill.” Braden took one step closer to Carter and warned, “Stay away from her. You don’t deserve either of us.”

Braden spun around and stormed out of the barn, his blood lava hot with more than anger. Once in his truck, he slammed both hands down on the steering wheel and cussed.

Five fucking years have passed and that man could still set him on fire like he did when they were together.

God, why the hell did you send him back?

For all of my books, visit www.bookstrand.com/rhea-regale

Up and Running

Hello everyone!

I know I’ve been absent for the past few weeks, but I’m happy to say that I have my computer back after nearly a month without it.  The bad news?  My friend was unable to find the file/book that I lost, the reason why I’ve been without the computer.  A bittersweet reunion, but at least now I can plow ahead and start working on the next couple books I haven’t been able to touch for a few weeks.  On the agenda is the third and fourth CC books and rewriting that lost book of mine.  Instead of trying to redo what I remember from the original copy, I’m going to start from “almost” scratch and go where the characters would like to take me this time around.  I have to bury the long gone copy and move on.  Sad, sad.  And I’m sure many of you reading this can understand what it means to lose something to a hungry cyber monster’s belly.  Bleh.

On another good note, the first semester of school is done.  Only three more to go (or another 12 months, lol).  However, I understand that the next four months will free up a bit more time than I had this past semester, which ended up being no time.  Even my best laid plans didn’t pan out as I had hoped.  Here is praying for a better schedule, more time, and some more interaction with everyone!

For those of you who enjoy parties, I’ll be participating in The Romance Studio’s five day-yes, 5 days!-Staying Home Party. I’ll be giving away winner’s choice of either Lexi’s Untamed Cowboys or Mandy’s Homebound Cowboys.  Be sure to stop over and check it out.  There’s a star-studded lineup of authors that will be hanging out for five days, sharing thoughts, excerpts, and just having a blast!  http://trsparties.com


I look forward to mingling with everyone!



Mandy’s Homebound Cowboys Now Available! (Steamy new excerpt!!)

What a wonderful way to get this weekend started.  Mandy’s Homebound Cowboys, Casanova Cowboys 2 is now available at  www.bookstrand.com/mandys-homebound-cowboys

Looking for a great way to kick back and relax, maybe heat up things a bit?  Here’s  a brand new excerpt to whet your appetite 😉


“It’s getting cool,” Mandy murmured, not wanting to move away
from the heat of Craig’s body. She felt leaden and complacent. Her
breasts reacted to the gentle friction Craig caused. Her pussy stirred in
the lazy pre-arousal state that often occurred when she spent time
alone with him. “I’m gonna get my jacket.”
She stumbled back, smoothing the skirt of her dress down from
the rumpled mess it had become from rubbing against Craig’s legs.
She swayed the short walk to the truck, all the while feeling Craig’s
gaze burning into her. The fiery trail scoured her as she leaned into
the truck and grabbed her jacket. Summer was brutal, but the nights
were cooling off a bit, leaving a chill in the air.
When she turned, she was surprised to see Craig standing a few
feet from her. Tentatively, she tucked her rebellious curls behind her
ear and tried her damnedest to force the sudden lump in her throat to
keep movin’ south. The hunger she sensed pulsed off him in
unrestrained waves.
He moved closer. It didn’t matter what she tried to tell herself
about their friend-based relationship. Craig was scorching her with
that heady gaze of his, as he had been doing for years. A short glance
below his belt left her dizzy and her mind rolling while her body
acutely reacted. Like a switch, he turned her so far on, her startling
fantasy of jumping him and fucking him mad in this field didn’t seem
too preposterous.
“That kiss, Amanda.” Craig stepped into her, his fingers sinking
into her hair and cupping the back of her head. “I’ve been wantin’ to
do that for years, but going to school in Arizona with you here…it
wouldn’t have been fair to you.”
Mandy tried to find her breath, but air only filled her lungs
partway. Despite the unusually clean night air, she found it hard to
breathe, hard to think, and so damn easy to imagine. Thank you, beer.
“What changed now?” she asked, her voice hoarse and sensual.
Her body hummed like the nighttime insects all around them. Her
pussy grew wet and tingly. Her clit pulsed a familiar rhythm that
called for more than clothed bodies and kisses.
“Time’s too short to fuck around. I’m a semester away from my
master’s, and then I plan to return to Ryder for good.”
“And the rodeo?”
“I’ll be honest with you. I don’t want to give it up, but I can
arrange to have you travel with me. If you don’t like it after a season,
then I’ll give up rodeoin’ and focus on the farm and the ranch.” He
tipped her head, bringing his mouth a breath away from hers. “I want
you so damn bad it’s been near killin’ me to stay away all this time.”
His words had no time to sink in before his mouth claimed her
with a hunger that lit her on fire from lips to mind to toes. He
controlled the kiss with each possessing sweep of his tongue,
plundering her mouth and feeding her breath. There was a tinge of
desperation behind the hunger, something dark and brooding and
quickly forgotten when his arm slinked around her waist and tugged
her flush to him.
Mandy moaned, delighting in the solid frame of his body against
her own soft dips and curves. His hands moved over her, exploring
her with no resistance, his kiss deep and desperate. His palms slid
down her side and curled around her ass. She moaned, and her arms
wrapped around his neck, and her fingers tangled in his soft hair,
feeding into his kisses until the very air she breathed came from his
He hoisted her up with a soft groan, fitting the hard bulge in his
jeans against her wet pussy. She wrapped her legs around his waist as
her back hit the side of the truck, forcing him tight against her.
“Amanda,” he whispered, cupping her head between his hands
and finally unleashing his restrained hunger. His hips rocked into her,
and she whimpered, the rough friction releasing a series of tremors
that threatened to rip her apart.
“I want you, too, Craig,” she whispered between possessive
plunges of their tongues. “I want you.”
* * * *
Craig held nothing back. He’d restrained his true feelings for
Amanda far too long to warrant caution tonight. He wanted her, all of
her, and he’d forever be thanking god if she wanted him in return. His
emotions were on the fritz, his only salvation coming from the sparse
time he spent with Amanda. She helped him clear his thoughts,
making one thing frighteningly clear. He loved this woman and would
not risk losing her for any schooling or rodeo.
The flavor of beer still lingered in her mouth, igniting a throb in
his jaw and a pounding ache in his cock. She tasted great. He bunched
up the skirt of her dress and pulled it over her head, tearing her mouth
away from his for a brutal moment.
She didn’t allow him the chance to soak in the sight of her flesh,
those wicked hips of hers rocking against his, the hot center of her
body sliding up and down his hard cock. She clawed his shirt up his
back and stripped it off his body, casting it aside.
When she arched against him, the warm, soft curves of her body
caressing the feverish flesh of his chest and stomach, he groaned,
grabbing her ass in his hands and spinning her away from the truck.
The swells of her breasts rubbed over his pecs, her quiet moans
echoing each slight movement.
Craig stumbled through the knee-high grass, blinded by the heady
desire flowing through their hungry kisses. Her hands splayed over
his back and trekked on either side of his spine, molding over every
small crevice in his muscles and each vertebrae of his spine, spears of
raw heat jolting in the wake of her path.
His toes hit the pads with the sleeping bags. Carefully, he knelt
down and settled back on his heels, coasting his hands along the
smooth planes of her back. His fingers tangled up in her hair, bringing
his hands around to cup her face. He eased back, delighting in stealing
nibbles from her bottom lip. His breaths came sharp and shallow, the
throb in his cock resonating through his body. Amanda’s hands
gripped his shoulders, her legs tightening around his waist as she sat
firmly against his dick. Her supple breasts rose and fell rapidly, her
pants expelling from her parted and swollen lips.
Her shoulders shrugged as she leaned closer to him. The soft,
sweet fragrance from the silky strands of her hair filled his nostrils,
laced with the underlying hint of her arousal. Even in the darkness lit
only by the dazzling display of stars and a half moon hanging in the
sky, he felt the heat radiating from her skin and saw the deepening
color that painted her cheeks.
“Craig,” she whispered.

Upcoming Release!

I’ve been busy at not getting much done, in the way of writing.  I’m sure there are plenty of people who know how that feels.  I’m praying that after this semester in school (oh yeah, definitely looking forward to a break after these past few months), I’ll be able to set more serious time aside for writing and less for studying.  Trust me, I much rather write some fun books than research papers, lol!

I do have great intentions.  I have started the third novel in the Casanova Cowboys series, and it might take a little longer to complete than expected.  The Ryder in this one is pretty beat up, both physically and mentally (can’t give too much away here), and I’ve been doing extra research (shhh, it’s not for school, lol) to make sure I connect with readers.  I’m hoping his character will really leave a mark in your hearts when he emerges 🙂

I am also hoping to finish the vampire novel I’ve been chatting up.  I had a devastating blow when I lost a nice chunk of the book in some cyber void, and trying to rewrite something that I felt worked perfectly the first time around is more daunting than I ever imaged.  This isn’t the first time I have lost work, but is the first time I nearly lost a completed manuscript less than two chapters away from being completed.  Hopefully it will continue to come back to me while I’m trying to get a tech wizard to work some magic for me.

And to the exciting news…

Mandy’s Homebound Cowboys is coming out on April 4th and is available for pre-order now (Excerpts will be coming soon:  www.bookstrand.com/mandys-homebound-cowboys).  I loved writing Mandy, the spunky red-head that knows just how to put her two men in their place.  Brody was a pleasure-in all ways-and Craig’s soft side beneath his bristly front definitely makes my heart flutter.  Be sure to check it out, and as always, I love to hear from my readers!


[Ménage Amour: Erotic Cowboy Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, light bondage, spanking, sex toys, HEA]

Mandy Pearson has fantasized about brothers Brody and Craig Ryder for years. Problem is, Brody has never paid her mind and Craig wants nothing more than friendship. When the two brothers return to Ryder after the unexpected death of their father, nothing can prepare her to become the center of their hungry attention. Her excitement is overshadowed by the potent bad blood, caused by Craig’s ex three years prior, that still runs between her sexy cowboys.

From the moment he returns to Ryder, Brody has his eye on Mandy. The once-scrawny, redheaded tattle-tale from his youth has blossomed into a hot, young woman he desires more than a riled crowd at one of his concerts.

When Brody and Craig learn they are vying for the same woman’s heart, will the betrayal from their past destroy their chance of a future with Mandy?

News on the Homefront (Contest)

Good Friday Afternoon! 

I’m thinking it’s morning, probably due to the coffee I’m still nursing into my body.  The cooler weather didn’t help wake up the brain today.  Hopefully the caffeine will 🙂

I sure hope everyone’s had a great week, and that you’re all looking forward to a relaxing, or fun, weekend.  I’m sure trying to make the best of the school-free time I’ve got.  Down here in Florida (I will not say warm because for us, it’s not warm right now), we’ve got the Florida Strawberry Festival going on full-swing.  For those country lovers out there, check out the website (http://flstrawberryfestival.com/headline.html) for an amazing line-up of country singers.  Justin Moore, Gloriana, Trace Adkins, Randy Houser…Oh my!  I’m hoping to get up that way tomorrow and see some of the stars, and eat a TON of strawberries (I’m a berry lover).  It’s quite a festival, so if you’re in the area and looking for something to do, drop by! 

I think this festival is really revving up my excitement for the upcoming release of Mandy’s Homebound Cowboys, projected to come out April 4th.  Brody is a rising country star making a huge splash on the music scene, but stardom doesn’t impress the born and raised Ryder gal Amanda Pearson, nor does it erase the bad blood between him and his brother Craig. 

Although I’m all about juicy strawberry, berries aren’t going to fix the problems that arise between these three, even if they’re chocolate-dipped or shortcake-stacked (and really, who can be angry when indulging in some delicious chocolate-dipped heaven?).  Ahh, sorry.  I really have strawberries on the brain now.  There’s no seduction by strawberries in this book, even if I’m seducing my taste buds at the moment.  Hey, who knows what may pop up in the next book?  There are still 4 more books to go, and things can get pretty crazy in Ryder, Kansas, especially on Colton’s ranch.  

For those of you who aren’t following me on Facebook, Lexi’s Untamed Cowboys is now on Amazon, and should be available in print in the next few weeks.  If you’re a Kindle owner, be sure to grab yourself a copy 🙂  It will be up at BN in the very near future as well. 

Wild Mates (BML 4) has been riding Siren’s best seller list since its release February 25th!  Jordan’s story is officially out, and I sure hope you all enjoy it!  The violence isn’t as magnified in this book, although the effects of Jordan’s torture plague the story, and the relationship.  Wondering how he and Lilia overcome the struggles of their past?  WM is available (www.bookstrand.com/wild-mates-dark-moon-redemption) at a discount for a limited time. 

I am hoping to finish up my vampire novel so I can start on the next Casanova story.  The Ryder in this one is pounding to come out on paper, and he won’t be held back much longer. 

Okay, so I won’t make you wait any longer.  I did not leave a lot of time with the last contest.  This one will be open from today until 11:59 pm (est) Friday, March 8th, and the winner will be able to choose one ebook of his/her choice either from the BML series or the CC series (Mandy’s will not be available for delivery most likely until the end of March).  The contest is easy.  Leave a comment on this post telling me what you like most in a paranormal romance and why. Your comment can be the type of paranormal (werewolves, vampires, etc), the tone of the story (lighthearted and sweet, or dark and gritty), but I really want to hear why 🙂

One last thing before I bow out.  The cover for Mandy’s Homebound Cowboys arrived in my inbox this morning and I’m so excited to share it with you!


I look forward to reading your responses!  Good luck!!



Sneak Peek at Wild Mates…and Contest!

Happy Sunday everyone!

Tomorrow is the exciting release day for Wild Mates: Dark Moon Redemption, BML 4.  For those of you who’ve been waiting for Jordan’s story, it’s almost here!  It is available for pre-order at Siren (www.bookstrand.com/wild-mates-dark-moon-redemption), and will be available for 15% off the original price.  Don’t miss out!

In anticipation for WM’s release, I’m going to give away one copy (e-book) of Wild Mates tomorrow 🙂  Here’s the contest: Leave a comment to this blog post by noon EST tomorrow, February 25th, telling me what you love to read in a paranormal romance.  Are you looking for sweet, happy love, or something a little more gritty and hard to earn?

I would love to hear from you if you’ve read any of the previous BML books (if you haven’t, it will NOT affect your chances of winning 🙂 ).  Which was your favorite story?  Why?

So I leave you with a brand new excerpt from Wild Mates, just a small taste of the battle Jordan faces between the evil inside him and the woman who he blames for it.

I look forward to hearing from everyone!





“May I use the bathroom?” she asked, the hyper-timid tone of her
voice pulling him up short. He took a drink of his beer and cast her a
masked glance over his shoulder. Her fingers knotted against her lap.
Her eyes fluttered toward him and just as quickly lowered to the floor.
He gave her credit. She knew how to play submissive very well.
“You haven’t been home all day,” she reminded quietly.
Jordan let out an exasperated sigh and turned to her. He eyed her,
banishing the urge to release her from the constraints. Cautiously, he
allowed his nudging wolf the chance to brush alongside hers for a
better understanding of her game. To his disappointment, he sensed
no deception. Instead, an unexpected tinge of innocence flowed
through her spirit. He narrowed his eyes on her, curiosity rooting deep
in his soul.
He crossed the room, drawing out the key to the padlock. After
separating the collar from the chain, he motioned to the bathroom.
Lilia ducked her head as she passed him.
“Door open,” he growled when she began to close it. Her gaze
lifted to him, her cheeks turning a light shade of pink. He arched a
brow, lifting the beer to his lips. “You stole modesty from your
victims. You deserve none here.”
He didn’t take his eyes off her, making a point that he watched
every damn move she made, until she lowered herself to the toilet.
Even in his state of turmoil, he couldn’t bring himself to invade every
aspect of Lilia’s privacy.
Turning away, he began picking up tufts of foam and tossing them
onto the mattress, trying to ignore the faint throb haunting his cock.
The longer he ignored the attraction to his enemy, the calmer the beast
“I can help you clean up,” Lilia offered, stepping into the room.
Jordan flashed her a perturbed glance and pointed to the chain on the
wall. Lilia frowned. “I’m not going to try to escape.”
“I don’t want your help.” Jordan swept an arm across the room.
“This is what your help created.”
He grabbed her arm and pulled her back to the corner, making
quick work of securing her with the chain leash. Her stomach growled
as she lowered herself to her knees on the scrap of a blanket he
must’ve cast aside during the night.
Jordan kicked the roll toward her with the toe of his boot and went
about cleaning up the mess of his room.
“There are more wolves roaming the forest. They’re ruined
wolves, dangerous and feral. Eva didn’t finish reprogramming them.
They’re broken. They have no control. All they know is the hunt, the
bloodlust that consumes them until it’s slaked.”
Jordan tucked the splintered pieces of wood into the gaping
mattress, giving into his wolf’s curiosity about Lilia’s claim. He,
however, wouldn’t give her the satisfaction of lending her an ounce of
his physical attention, despite the growing desires churning in his gut.
He scented her musk, the subtle hints of her arousal after her acute
perusal of his backside. Her fucking wolf slinked closer to his, her
head bowed in submission. She knew her alpha and knew her place
with him. What disturbed him most was the reaction his spirit had to
His wolf coaxed her closer, offering her the comfort he did not
want to give her in physical form. When that damn beast reared up,
jowls pulled back from sharp white teeth, Lilia’s wolf quivered but
did not back down.
The spiritual standoff shook his thoughts.
“I’m not sure what Eva did to them,” she continued, her words
heavy with concern. “These are different than the originals. They’re
uncontrollable, which makes them extremely dangerous. Eva wanted
them to hunt the whites, but I think these will hunt anything.”
Jordan rested his beer bottle on the floor and gathered the fan
motor with its dangling wires and broken blades. He shoved it deep
into the mattress with a grunt.
“My sister has deceived me in the past. I wouldn’t be surprised if
she was creating a new breed of were.”
There was an edge to her words, a tension that made his wolf
bristle in response to the beast threatening Lilia. Everything in this
moment wound together, making little sense to him but causing an
unnerving reaction within his soul. He stopped himself from turning
and giving her his full attention, jamming more foam between the
“I wish you would speak with me,” Lilia said quietly.
Jordan scowled silently to himself. Yeah, he wanted to say a few
things to her, things that he had no right to say after everything she
caused for him and Kasa. He wanted to acknowledge her arousal,
slake his own hunger, and forget the past.
Lifting the mattress onto its side, ensuring none of his deeply
packed contents came loose, he slid the mattress through the doorway,
lending the only sounds to the room other than her breathing and the
occasional rattle of her chain leash.
Jordan didn’t spare her a glance on his way out. He feared his own
sanity would be lost if he looked upon her pitiful expression. These
short stints in her presence wore on him more than the war with the
beast. His wolf recognized a sign so primitive that even he couldn’t
deny it, but he would.
He plucked out the two bundles of rope he’d bought earlier and
turned his attention away from the tumultuous thoughts long enough
to haul the mattress into the bed of his truck and tie it down.
There would be plenty of time to wage a new war between wolf
and beast.

Wild Mates is Coming Soon!

Hello to all on this fabulous Friday!

I hope everyone had a sexy, steamy, too-hot-to-handle Valentine’s Day!  Chocolate, wine, and a bit of pampering galore is what I’m talking about.

In addition to a wonderful heart day, I learned that the exciting final installment to the BML series, Wild Mates: Dark Moon Redemption is available for pre-order at http://www.bookstrand.com/wild-mates-dark-moon-redemption.  As promised, here’s a sneak peek at Jordan and Lilia’s (oh yes, everyone.  The Lilia) story.  If you want a nice, sexy excerpt, be sure to head over to Siren’s website by clicking or copying and pasting the link above.

And here it is!



A month after Jordan Jones was shot by Lilia, handed over to her mad sister, and suffered through a brutal night of torture, he captures the last living Dark Moon sister. His desire for revenge takes an unexpected turn when his wolf spirit recognizes Lilia as his mate, but the beast inside him craves harm upon her.

Lilia has kept Eva away from Jordan and Kasa for years. She’s desperate to make him believe she’s not like her sisters by explaining the truth behind the Dark Moon pack. She will do everything to cure him of the lasting effects of Eva’s torture and earn his approval, and maybe his love, if he would only trust she can help.

After a surprise attack from rebel escapees, Jordan and Lilia both realize this new danger thirsts solely for her blood. His untrusting family and alliances may be her only chance of survival, but sacrifice will become her only chance for redemption.


“I–I didn’t hear you come in,” she murmured, her voice cracking. Jordan bit off a piece of bacon and placed the uneaten portion on the small plate. Her mouth watered at the sight of food, but he didn’t offer her any. His eyes perused her before landing on her face. Lilia straightened her shoulders, an attempt to look half-dignified. “May I use the bathroom?”

“Drink the rest of my beer, did you?” he asked. He nodded to the empty beer bottle lying on the edge of the blanket. Her cheeks warmed, her fingers curling in her cloak.

“I didn’t…I was…”

Jordan waved her off. “My fault for leaving it on the floor.”

He allowed her to use the bathroom, this time giving her a little more privacy with a half-closed door. She rinsed out her mouth before returning to her corner and waiting for him to secure the leash.

He grabbed his plate of delicious looking eggs and bacon and pushed back onto his feet.

“You’re not eating out today,” Lilia pointed out.

“That was all a farce. I knew you were following me.”

“Oh.” She looked up at him, not shying away from his penetrating gaze. “For how long?”

Jordan motioned toward her with a piece of bacon. “Long enough to catch you.”

Conversation. That was a good thing. Even though it was petty talk, it worked magic on her spirit.

“You didn’t sleep well last night,” she said.

Jordan scooped eggs into his mouth. “I sleep when I must.”

“You need to rest, Jordan.” Lilia kept her voice light, submissive. She didn’t lift her head, but she turned her gaze up when he scowled at her. “The wolf—”

Jordan heaved his plate at the wall beside her. She shrieked, covering her head with her arms, folding away from the splattering food and shards of ceramic. He stormed across the room and crouched down in front of her, leaning down to catch her eyes from beneath her arms. Her heart raced, her mind whirled, and her breath hitched.

You did this to me.” He yanked her arm away from her face and forced her to look at him. “You and your sick fucking sister created this…this thing. This beast.”

He cast aside her arm like trash and shot up to his feet. A furrow wrinkled her brow as she soaked in the resentment swirling along his spirit, resentment toward himself. She was the cause for it, for everything. He raked his hands through his hair, a low, guttural rumble settling in his chest.

“I can’t rest.” He punctuated each word with disgust. “The beast takes over.”

“That’s why you must rest. The weaker you are, the easier for it to gain control.”

Jordan spun, leveling her with a deadly glare. His amber eyes flashed like furious flames. “My own personal shrink. Dear Lilia, your fucking advice is not wanted.”

She gritted her teeth, her fingertips digging into her knees. “Jordan, please listen to me—”

“You’re Dark Moon, woman. Don’t you get it?” Jordan asked. After another piercing moment, Jordan gave her his back and headed toward the door. “You and your sisters tried to kill my sister. You killed our parents. You caused a bloody fucking massacre over the color of your fucking pelts. You are worthless to me—”


“And I will enjoy—”

“Shut up!” Lilia screamed. The razor-sharp blades scraped her flesh, fresh trickles of blood streaming down her neck. Her eyes stung with tears. Tremors coiled through her tense muscles. Jordan stopped at the door, hand on the knob, but did not turn around. His shoulders stiffened, squared. His wolf perked with curiosity while the beast growled his distaste.

Desperate to get him to listen, she stood up, ignoring the slicing pain as more new nicks added to those she already had.

“You must listen to me. Eva was able to break her men by depriving them of sleep. It drove her captives insane very quickly. The walls were weakened, and the beasts could easily slip through and destroy their minds. Please, Jordan. Please. Listen to me. You need to rest and gain your strength.” Lilia stepped forward and yelped when the collar bit deep into her throat. Tears spilled, a mixture of pain and anguish cracking the floodgates. She wrung her fingers together, shuffling closer to the wall to loosen the slack on the chain. “I–I don’t want to see that thing consume you. I never thought she would do what she did to you, otherwise I would’ve never brought you to her. I couldn’t stand watching, but I had no choice because she would’ve easily killed me.”

Lilia drew her bottom lip between her teeth, trying to gain an ounce of control over her quivering chin and free-falling tears. Her spirit yearned for Jordan’s, her body for the heat of his. The wolf inside him nudged her own, sensing what she knew he fought to dismiss.

“I’ve known about you for years and always kept you a secret from my sisters,” she pressed, shame creeping into her voice. “I would do anything to protect you, Jordan. You’re my mate and…”

He turned his head to her, causing her words to catch in her throat. For the first time since he caught her, his eyes didn’t flash with rage. They were a storm of unreadable emotion, and the knowledge gave her a dangerous gift. Hope.