Rhea Regale

Erotic Romance Author


Summer’s Wicked Cowboys, Casanova Cowboys 3

Manic Readers

Alberta, 5 Stars

“…There is a very interesting hero’s journey in Summer’s Wicked Cowboys, but the secondary characters are important to his recovery and self knowledge. I liked the story, the people, the mysterious enemy who wants to hurt Carter, Bray and Summer in personal as well as financial ways.

If not for the selfless love of Bray and Summer, as well as his extended family, Carter would be a lost man, with nowhere to go but to spiral downward into worse and worse PTSD. I enjoyed the story a lot, and I think you will too. There are elements of BDSM, MMF sex, and MM sex, just so you know, but it’s all done very well, with lots of loving.”

For the entire review, please visit: http://www.manicreaders.com/index.cfm?disp=reviews&bookid=41841  

 Wild Hunts, Blood Moon Legacy (3)

The Romance Studio

Shannon, 5 Hearts

“…Author Rhea Regale has penned the third book in the Blood Moon Legacy series which keeps getting hotter with each book. Wild Huntsis a chilling, intriguing, passionate and impossible to put down story that is rich is so rich in description and detail the reader will almost swear they can feel the intensity of the characters as well as the violence and sensuality that goes with them. The reader can almost sense the untamed land as Micah, Kasa and Slade run through it in wolf form. Absolutely amazing!

Treachery abounds and the dynamic and well-drawn character full of energy and heat come to life in a plot that is tightly wound and clever that leaves the heart pounding…”

For the entire review, please be sure to visit: http://www.theromancestudio.com/reviews/reviews/wildhuntsregale.htm

Sensual Reviews

Candy, 4.5 Stars

“…In the third book of the Blood Moon Legacy series, Rhea Regale follows the exploits of a brother and sister as they try to liberate kidnapped werewolves and halt the reign of terror Eva inflicts on the werewolf community.  This book is loaded with plenty of action and adventure as well as sex hot enough to ignite the pages of this book.  Kasa and Jordan fall into a trap Eva sets for them and it is up to Micah and Slade to arrange their escape.  Can her mates get to Kasa before it is too late?”

For the entire review, please be sure to visit: http://sensualreads.com/?p=7651

Wild Nights, Blood Moon Legacy (2)

Happily Ever After Reviews

Wendy’s Review, 5 Tea Cups 

Rhea Regale brought a sequel to Wild Hearts the Blood Moon Legacy series. Let me say Wild Nights can be read alone or with the first in the series, Wild Hearts. After reading it, I admit I went and bought Wild Hearts. I couldn’t get enough of these werewolves.

This story starts with action from the very beginning. Ayasha White is running from werewolves that had killed her beloved uncle and burnt down her home. She runs for the safety of Wolf Creek and into the arms of Lenox Creek, her true mate. Things never added up for Aya. Coming to Wolf Creek brought her to a place that she wasn’t quite ready for. She knew that Lenox would protect her because her uncle said so and also he was her mate…

For the entire review, please be sure to visit: 


Whipped Cream Reviews

Honeysuckle’s Review, 4.5 Cherries

…In this second installment of Ms. Regale’s thrilling Blood Moon Legacy the fight to save the last descendants of the sacred white wolves continues with Aysha White and her mates Lenox Carter and Riley Tormel. Wild Nights is every bit as exciting and breath stealing as the first book, Wild Hearts. Ms. Regale has created a tantalizing world of werewolf shifters and the legacy of the Blood Moon Massacre. Rebel wolves continue in their quest to destroy the powerful and mystical white wolves. The sadistic she-wolf that tried unsuccessfully to destroy Shyla, Coal and Jacy in Wild Hearts has a sister, Eliza who uses her control over a rebel band of wolves to manipulate them into killing for her pleasure.

There are so many great elements to this story. The romance and sexual chemistry between Aya, Nox and Riley is hot. Their personal struggles that have to be overcome so that they can be a triad unit are compelling. The inherent evil of the devious Eliza is literally palpable. Ms. Regale has a very vivid writing style that makes the action appear to jump right off the page and carry the reader along for the adventure…

For the entire review, please be sure to visit: http://whippedcream2.blogspot.com/2011/02/wild-nights-by-rhea-regale.html


Coffee Time Romance Reviews

Maura, 4 Cups

…This story combines a hot love story with an extremely suspenseful plot. Aya is a great heroine; strong and beautiful, but a bit naïve. Her two mates have a twenty five year old grudge between them and are equally strong, but radically different in personality. Throw in a deranged, but alluring villain, and you have a werewolf story that you will be unable to put down. I cannot wait to read the rest of this exciting series.

For the entire review, please be sure to visit: http://www.coffeetimeromance.com/BookReviews/wildnightsbloodmoonlegacybyrhearegale.html

Wild Hearts, Blood Moon Legacy (1)

Sensual Reads

Lisa Troy, 4 Stars

“When Shyla Smith finds out she is a rarity, a White Wolf, she does not realize it also comes with an overwhelming desire for Coal and Jacy.”
… I was transfixed with the story of the White Wolf and how it so easily came to life.   Wild Hearts pulls at the heart strings when Shyla is reluctant in realizing just how special she is.
For the entire review, please visit: http://sensualreads.com/?p=3995
Whipped Cream Reviews
Honeysuckle, 4.5 Cherries
…From the explosive first meeting between Shyla, Coal and Jacy the chemistry is hot, hot, hot…Ms. Regale has created a beautiful and exciting story where legends are real and the white wolf is revered by most but endangered by a select group of rogue were.
Shyla is such an enigmatic character. She is in denial about the legend and especially about her role in bringing back the white wolf. But, she wants it to be true and feels the tug in her soul that it is all true.
As I said, the chemistry between Shyla and her men is hot, so is their dialogue. One of my favorite lines was from Jacy speaking to Shyla, “Aw, babe, I’m loving the way you look at me.” A moment while I swoon…For the entire review, please visit: http://whippedcream2.blogspot.com/2010/05/wild-hearts-by-rhea-regale.html?zx=318d901112ff71f8
Dark Diva Reviews
Deb, 4 Delightful Divas
Wild Hearts: Blood Moon Legacy by Rhea Regale is a story that moved at a fast pace. The plotline grabs your attention and holds you to the book till you turn the last page. I was hypnotized. Ms. Regale, why this story line? Is there any truth to the white wolf legend?

Coal is dark and serious, his inner battle with his feelings for Shyla you just feel. Jacy is truly a jokester, he made me laugh. With these two alphas being as different as nightand day, I get the feeling Shyla is in for some good lovin’…

For the entire review, please visit:  http://www.darkdivasreviews.com/?p=1351

The Romance Studio

Margo, 5 Hearts

“…Here is a story filled with pain, sorrow and ruthlessness. But you’ll also find passion, lust and love. Coal Demmering and Jacy Roddery were to be the guardians of the white wolf Shyla Smith. Of course, Shyla thought they were both crazy. After all, everyone knows werewolves don’t exist, right? Filled with disbelief at how much her life would change over the course of one night. All she wanted to do was to settle her grandfather’s affairs after his death — not get caught up in some wolf war. And god knows withstanding the heated looks and hot male guardians who were her protectors was not an easy thing to do anyway…”

For the entire review, please be sure to visit:    http://www.theromancestudio.com/reviews/reviews/wildheartsregale.htm

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