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Update on Casanova Cowboys

Hello everyone!

Just a reminder, if you haven’t popped over to my Leah Blake website, be sure to visit (www.leahblake.com).  I’ve been working on my Alternative Romance series for the moment, and there’s always something new and exciting happening.  I’ve updated the Boys of Sinn Island page on this site, so keep up to date with all the upcoming releases.  🙂

I still have two Casanova Cowboys books to write.  Landon and Colton will have their stories told.  I apologize for the delay.  I have not forgotten about my Ryders and they will make a reappearance soon.  I’m aiming for 2015, but I have to see what Leah Blake has in store for everyone 😉

If you are on Facebook, friend me if you haven’t already.  I’m on there everyday and I love to chat with my readers.

On another note, the fifth book in the Boys of Sinn Island series is coming out this Saturday, October 11th.  Here’s a small preview of what’s in store for everyone.


Jeremy Cortez and Dylan Hughes have been best friends for six years. Add in one week of intense intimacy when Jeremy finally gave into his desires for men, and there is nothing they haven’t done together.

All of that’s about to change when Jeremy hooks his hopes on creating a future with his current lover, who is also a regular guest on Sinn. As much as Jeremy wants something permanent, he can’t get over the guilt of leaving Dylan, or wash away the attraction he feels toward his best friend.

Dylan fell in love with Jeremy years ago, but has always kept his fierce emotions under wraps. When he catches Jeremy’s lover in the hands of two women at Breakers, his first and only instinct is to protect Jeremy’s heart, whatever cost to his own.

The cost is crushing, as Dylan and Jeremy find themselves fighting to save their friendship, and the unspoken love they hold for each other.


Jeremy started to step into the apartment, but Dylan shoved him back onto the stoop, following him out and pulling the door closed behind him.

“Are you fucking mad?” Dylan raked a hand through his tousled hair and hitched a thumb over his shoulder. “You’re gonna wake my sister and her kids. You do that, and there’ll be hell to pay.”

“I’ve already paid those dues. I paid this weekend. The whole fucking weekend having to live with what I did, or what I didn’t do.” He rushed his words, desperate for Dylan to hear everything he had to say before he lost the chance to explain himself. Jeremy shifted, suddenly uncomfortable under Dylan’s closed glower. The man stood before him in a pair of gym shorts and T-shirt, looking appealing and sexy to a degree that simply shouldn’t be legal. “I got home and you weren’t there.”

Dylan lifted a brow and crossed his arms over his chest. “And you thought it was a good idea to track me down in the middle of the night?”

“Yes!” Jeremy reached for his shoulders. Ice crackled along his spine when Dylan leaned away from him. “Dylan, I’m sorry. I’m so, so sorry. I was a dick. I know it—“

“Hey, wait.” Dylan lifted a hand. “We’re not going to talk about this now. It’s almost two in the morning.”

Jeremy grabbed his wrist when he reached back for the doorknob. “No. We are going to talk now because I don’t want to go back to our apartment without you.” Jeremy wedged himself between Dylan and the door, forcing his friend to look him in the eye. The nearness to Dylan lit him on fire, a fire he no longer cared to fight. “I want you. I want you to come back home with me. I don’t want to be without you. I’m a fool for not seeing it sooner, but I’m seeing it now.”

Dylan licked his lips and looked away, his forehead creased. His mouth set in a firm line. His jaw ticked as he ground his teeth.

Good signs. All good signs.

Jeremy cupped the side of his face. Dylan twisted his head, pulling out of the tender touch.

“Please. Let’s go get a hotel room somewhere nearby so we don’t disturb your sister, and I’ll help you get everything out of here tomorrow morning.”

Dylan shook his head. “No.”

The hopeful grin that had been plastered to Jeremy’s face waned. Dylan looked at him, torment and stubbornness stirring in his eyes.


“No?” Jeremy repeated.

“You heard me, Jeremy.” Dylan sighed. “I’ve tried to be everything you could want, but even someone like me comes to a breaking point. That breaking point was when I saw how easily manipulated you were by that asshole. Six years of friendship. Six years of secrets. Six years, Jeremy, for a man you’ve known barely two months.” He gave Jeremy’s hand on Dylan’s wrists a pointed look. “When you won’t listen to reason, I’ve got to wonder about logic. I won’t leave myself vulnerable to be hurt like that again. Not by you.”

Jeremy’s soul wept, but he refused to walk away. “Dylan, don’t do this.”

“I didn’t do it.” The look Dylan pinned him with was as lethal as a spear in skilled hands. “You did.”

Dylan grabbed the doorknob and opened the door. Jeremy reached back and pulled it shut, fighting against Dylan’s resistance.

“No. We’re not ending six years like this.” The door slammed, rattling in the frame. He forced Dylan away from the building, down the handful of stairs to the landing. “I won’t let us end like this. Whatever it takes, I’ll earn your forgiveness.”

Jeremy dropped to his knees, hitting the concrete with a force he’d regret come the morning. He wrapped his arms around Dylan’s waist, fisting his fingers in the man’s T-shirt. Despite the moisture hanging in the air, he could smell a hint of Dylan’s arousal and tried desperately not to notice the bulge in the shorts.

A very difficult feat by the size of the bulge and the nearness to his face.

“I know you want me. I know it, Dylan. I want you, too. Only you. No one else anymore. I’m done. I’ve had my fun. I’m over it, and I want to be where I belong.” Jeremy pressed his cheek to Dylan’s lower stomach. A thrumming energy filtered through his nerves at the intimate contact. “Right here.”

“Jer, let go.”

“I can’t. I won’t.”

Dylan’s hands tangled with his as he tried to pry his fingers away from the T-shirt. “Jeremy. Seriously.”


Somehow, Dylan broke free of him, sidestepped his attempt to grab him again, and stormed up to the apartment. He disappeared inside the dark hallway. By the time Jeremy stumbled to his feet, his eyes stinging with tears, and reached the door, it was locked. He twisted at the knob and banged on the door.

“Dylan, please don’t.”


Here’s My Rant…You’ve Been Warned (Standing up to Pirates)

First off, I want to wholeheartedly thank each and every reader who supports me by purchasing my book legally. For you, I am grateful. I am thankful. You continue to allow me to do what I love to do.


8a53abf80517f28e684208d6b3373aaeWithout loyal readers who understand that we are trying to make a living as writers and don’t try to steal our work, you all rock! Writers are not filthy rich. In fact, most of us work a real job, if not two, and write when we can. We have bills we have to pay and expenses we have to cover. The percentage of writers who make it is so small. To see this, next time you’re browsing the bookstore, take note of all the published authors and how many of the authors you don’t know. Just because we are published does not give us instant economical super-boost. We write because we love to write. It’s hard work, yes. There are days I stare at my computer wanting to tear hair out because I just don’t know what to do with my characters. They aren’t talking to me, the story isn’t making sense, oh, and don’t forget those freak times when 1) my children flip the switch and the computer shuts down without my work saved or 2) the files get lost when you’re two chapters away from finishing an 80k+ novel. Yes, writing is hard. Hard. We put time, effort, and dedication into our work.

And of course, the love of writing.

So, when I’m learning that there is an audacious group…wait, let me correct myself here…audacious GROUPS (note the plural because there are many) that are taking work from me and hundreds of other authors (some big time names what I will not mention here), blatantly flaunting their file-sharing parties and pirating business with no shame and no morale, I get pissed. Actually, I don’t think there is a word for how infuriated I get. Here is my baby, hours and hours and hours of my work, my HARD WORK, in the hands of petty thieves who have the balls to call us, the authors whose work they are stealing, TROLLS. No, sweethearts, you’ve got it backwards. You’re the trolls.

I’m a nice person. I’ll give the shirt off my back to a stranger, buy a homeless man lunch, and help whenever it is possible. Heck, I’m a nurse and I have a natural affinity for trying to help people and honestly believing in the best when it comes to humanity. I truly do. All I ask for in return is respect. R-E-S-P-E-C-T…you know the song. Apparently respect is a dying idea, especially when I have a post sent to me where groups are warning their groupies that the “trolls” are following their emails and posts.

Uh, yeah. The AUTHORS are following your moves, and there are MANY authors following your moves. If you stole my car out of my driveway, babe, you better be watching the rearview because I’m coming up on your ass to take back what’s mine and deliver punishment, especially if you think STEALING my CAR is OKAY.

Same principal with the books. Let’s get that straight.

Here is my rant, although I’ve been on and off ranting, I know. I wrote it a couple of days ago when a huge issue came to light-one in which I found my books being pirated on a site that had the shameless nerve to offer downloaders the opportunity to donate to the author. This is the post I had on Facebook, but I’ve not included the picture here as I had on my page, hence the two questions in parenthesis.

Again, I thank each and every supporter of myself and all of my writer friends, from the bottom of my heart. You are all spectacular, and Ia745ba03f109d8f7c1d14dca43d116ad couldn’t do this without you. Please, help support your authors by standing up to piracy. Share the links on FB. Share the pictures. Help us in our fight to stop this from happening.



RANT: I’m laying it out flat. If you don’t like it, then don’t like me. This has come to light in one of my author groups and, needless to say, I am FURIOUS. Pirating books from published authors (just in case you don’t know what that is, I’ll spell it out for you. When you STEAL–yes, because you are stealing–a book from an author who worked their ass off to get it published, put it up on a torrent site or ANY unauthorized site, and allow the world to download it for FREE. Oh, and those of you who download things for free off unauthorized sites? Yes, you are STEALING as well) is a FEDERAL OFFENSE. Read the fine print in the beginning of any ebook. It’s there for you to see, so don’t be ignorant and don’t play ignorance. In the real world, you can still get sued for “negligence.” It takes time away from our work, our lives, to fight these criminals. (Why do I post this particular picture? Do you see the pretty green button that says “Donate to Author” there?) This pirate is not only STEALING our work and allowing hundreds, if not thousands, of downloads to be made for free, he/she is COLLECTING MONEY THAT THE AUTHOR WILL NEVER SEE!!! This scumbag, because no decent person would do this, is trying to make a buck off of our hard work. Talk about adding insult to injury, and a nice, deep stab in the chest on top of it. And, if you really think the authors being donated to are actually SEEING the money, I’m sorry, but you really need to wake up. I have 2 books up on this site, but I have friends who have many more than that. DO NOT support pirates. Support your AUTHORS. Most of us are willing to GIVE AWAY ebooks to readers, just DON’T STEAL OUR WORK. Would you go to the store and blatantly walk out without paying for your merchandise? And if you get caught, do you think the officers will let you go because “you didn’t know” or “you can’t afford it right now” or “it wasn’t me” when you are hold the damn item in your hand? You have some serious issues in your head if you think you’d get off the hook. So what makes you think you can get away with it with books, hmm? You won’t be happy when you’re smacked with a lawsuit for copyright infringement. Or maybe you think you’ll turn around and sue the authors who are trying to tear down your illegal underground rings (that are not secret groups or private groups when the world can see you file-sharing, you twits). REALITY CHECK. Do you know that if you did that, your illegal activities would come to light and your shallow lawsuit would die before it even got off the ground? I’m sure not because, after all, you’re too self-centered, too shameless, too brazen to think anything would happen to you, you fucking moron. Have your pleasures now. All good things ALWAYS come to an end.

It’s Release Day for Break Me Now! (Adult excerpt)

I have been anticipating this release for weeks. I love this book and sure hope every one of you finds Julian and Bradley’s story just as touching and riveting as I had while writing it. Siren is featuring this release at a 10% discount for a limited time, so be sure to head over 🙂 If you haven’t stopped by the website yet, there are two full-length excerpts posted there. I am going to share one here.

Thank you to all of my readers for your love and support! Break Me Now has spent the entire week and a half it’s been on pre-order on Siren’s best seller list, and it’s moving up today 😀


Here is an excerpt:

Julian dipped his head and closed his eyes. He kept his nose mere inches from Bradley’s neck, inhaling the scent of fresh soap and shampoo. Heat radiated off his flesh. His mind was quickly filtering away, leaving him in a state where control was not the front player.

Satiation of raw lust was.

He was thankful to have left any sort of protection at his apartment. As it stood, the idea of fucking Bradley without the aid of anything was as tempting as allowing the man to stay and continue to work for him.

And he never, ever, fucked a sub.

Julian slid a splayed hand around Bradley’s waist until his fingers encircled the base of his cock. The velvety sheath of flesh was feverish against his palm. He learned each tunneling ridge along his wide shaft, listening to the quiet moans of delight fall from this man’s mouth. Bradley’s head fell forward, strands of damp hair draping over his forehead and exposing the nape of his neck.

The sudden burn that shot along Julian’s lips was unexpected. So was the way his body leaned into Bradley as he brushed an airy kiss along that stretch of neck. He spread the man’s cream from the tip of his cock down to the hilt, working each stroke of his hand in a slow rhythm meant to drive him insane. He drew his lips along the disks of his spine. Once he reached Bradley’s shoulder, he nipped the taut skin.

A fierce tremor shook his slave. Julian nipped again and lifted his head as Bradley shivered. Turning his mouth against Bradley’s ear, he whispered, “Beg for me to make you come.”

“I beg you, Sir. I beg you to make me come,” Bradley said, his voices soft, strained.


“I beg you, Sir.” Bradley lifted his head and turned to look at him. Julian grabbed a handful of his hair and jerked his head back, keeping his mouth away from his. As tempted as he was to kiss the man, that was another boundary he never crossed.

“Beg me to what?” Julian pressed. He scraped his teeth along the stretch of flesh over Bradley’s throat. The man’s cock jerked in his hand.

“Make me come, Sir.”

Bradley’s breathing turned into ragged gasps. Julian increased the steady tempo of his fist pumping along his cock.

“Louder, boy.”

“Sir, please!” Bradley thrust his hips, forcing his dick through his fist faster than Julian wanted. “Make me come!”

Any other man would’ve suffered a severe case of blue balls had they pulled a stunt like that, but Julian couldn’t bring his hand away from the man’s erection. He held the base of Bradley’s cock, refusing to stroke until his hips settled and the fine tremors that rippled along his arms soothed.

“Don’t move or you’ll be handling your hard-on with your own hand,” Julian warned. Bradley nodded against his grip.

“Yes, Sir.”

He had the man strung tight, the white of his knuckles a giveaway. Julian returned to his slow, methodical strokes, smearing fresh cream along Bradley’s dick. He licked the man’s shoulder, the clean taste of his skin soaking into his tongue. A strangled cry squeezed out of Bradley.

“Come, Sir. Please. God, I beg you, Sir. Let me come now.”

Julian couldn’t suppress the grin that came over his mouth at the whimpering moans. He released his grip in Bradley’s hair again, angling his body for a better grip on his cock. The man had enough juice to use as a natural lube, but Julian still silently cussed at leaving his personal stock at the apartment.

“Are you not enjoying what I’ve generously given you?” Julian asked.

“I am,” Bradley said quickly. “I am, Sir. So much.”

Julian turned his head up and caught the man’s earlobe between his teeth.


“Damn, yes!”

“Sir.” Julian licked the palm of his free hand, reached around Bradley’s waist, and latched onto the base of his cock. He moved both hands in synchrony, squeezing, releasing, increasing the speed of his strokes until Bradley was gasping and whimpering. He slowed down.

“Fuck, no! No, Sir. Don’t…don’t stop, Sir.”

“Do you hurt, boy?” Julian leaned over enough to glimpse the deep creases along Bradley’s forehead. “How much does it hurt?”

“My balls are burning up and my dick is so swollen that I can’t see straight,” Bradley said in short bursts of words before sucking in air. “Sir.”

“How do you like my hands on you?”

A sharp rush of air fled his lips. “Pure heaven, Sir.”

“What will you do for release, boy?”

“Anything, Sir. Anything.”


Yours to Crave, BSI 2 Coming Tomorrow

Hi everyone!

I’m so excited about the release of my second book in my new Boys of Sinn Island series, Yours to Crave.  In anticipation of its release tomorrow, I’m going to share a brand new excerpt.  It is available for pre-order, so you can head over to www.bookstrand.com/yours-to-crave and pick up your copy today 🙂




Alex Stark’s been dumped by his boyfriend of a year and a half. What’s worse? The woman his ex bedded up with broke the news. When he arrives on Sinn Island for his four-day work weekend, the last thing he’s thinking about is finding a replacement. That is, until he wakes up in an employee room belonging to his island eye candy after drinking too much at Breakers with only a fleeting memory of having kissed the man.

Zachary Atkins has been employed on Sinn for months, and he’s always had a keen eye for Alex. Little did he know his crush is also his boss. Zach can’t ignore his pent-up feelings for Alex, especially when Alex returns the affection.

Alex can’t believe how quickly he’s falling for Zach, but reality sets in when they part ways. Zach won’t abandon his family in Georgia, and Alex must continue to run his family’s business in California. Can their hunger for each other overcome the distance between them?



“Don’t think anyone in their sober mind would want a repeat of a bad night,” Zach said, pressing up on his toes to stock a couple bottles on the top shelf. Alex moistened his lips, his body flushing and fingers tingling. Dear God, I want to touch all of that man. “I didn’t catch you come in tonight.”

Alex smiled, pleased by the insinuation. “Were you looking for me, Zach?”

The man tossed him a casual glance over his broad shoulder. “I know you spend most of the time on Crave.” His hand stilled as if he realized he might’ve shared too much information. “What happens when you work a floor for a long time. You get to know your regulars.”

Alex allowed his revelation to stir in the silence that followed, his attention easing down to the hollow of Zach’s lower back. His pants hugged a nice, firm ass and powerful thighs. Alex appreciated the leather that encased his hard body. He and his brothers took their time picking out the uniforms for each floor and each group of employees. Right now, he had no regrets with their choice for Crave.

“So how long have you been watching me?” Alex finally asked, breaking the methodical clinks and bumps of bottles going on shelves. He rubbed his swollen dick, unable to stand the restraint of his pants or the painful engorgement for much longer.

“Longer than you’ve watched me.”

Smooth response, boy. I like it.

“Where were you set up tonight?” Zach proceeded, turning to face Alex. He pointed to Alex and moved his finger up and down. “Anyone would’ve noticed the man wearin’ a shirt where shirts aren’t allowed.”

“I have means.”

“Ah, means. I see.” His smile faded slightly. He pulled the rack off the counter and kicked it toward the storage room door. “I shouldn’t pry. Apologies.”

Alex pointed toward the back alcove where he spent his night watching this lovely man. “There. Came in dressed as a bodyguard and changed in the alcove.”

“You’re management.” Zach leaned on his elbows, clasping his hands together close to Alex’s wine glass. “Fraternizin’, I thought, wasn’t allowed.”

“Do you want me to leave?” Alex asked, willing to wage a challenge. He mirrored Zach’s hover, his knuckles a hair away from the man’s. “I can go, if that’ll please you.”

“I didn’t say to leave, but I’m tryin’ to figure this out.”


For all of my Leah Blake books, please visit www.bookstrand.com/leah-blake