Rhea Regale

Erotic Romance Author

Boys of Sinn Island

Mine at Midnight (BSI 1)

Available Now! www.bookstrand.com/mine-at-midnight

ecm-lb-bosi-mineatmidnight-fullMarcus Stark still lives with the pain of abandonment five years after his lover disappeared from his life without an explanation, never forgetting the only man he ever loved. When he learns Trevor has booked a pricey reservation on Sinn Island, he intends to claim his runaway lover as his submissive in hopes of learning why he left.

Trevor Dawson’s need to set things straight with Marcus leaves him with a drained savings account and a weekend pass to a new, exclusive Caribbean island, and his ex-lover’s newest haunt. On a whim, he contracts himself to be a submissive only to learn identities are as secret as the real owners of Sinn.

Marcus can’t lose Trevor again, and he’s willing to break the rules of Sinn to capture Trevor’s heart. When Trevor reveals the reason he left Marcus, they must make a daunting decision. Can they overcome the dark stain of their past? Or will they suffer heartache as the weekend comes to an end?

Yours to Crave (BSI 2)

Available Now! www.bookstrand.com/yours-to-crave 

ecm-lb-bosi-yourstocrave-full-2Alex Stark’s been dumped by his boyfriend of a year and a half.  What’s worse?  The woman his ex bedded up with broke the news. When he arrives on Sinn Island for his four-day work weekend, the last thing he’s thinking about is finding a replacement. That is, until he wakes up in an employee room belonging to his island eye candy after drinking too much at Breakers with only a fleeting memory of having kissed the man.

Zachary Atkins has been employed on Sinn for months, and he’s always had a keen eye for Alex. Little did he know his crush is also his boss. Zach can’t ignore his pent-up feelings for Alex, especially when Alex returns the affection.

Alex can’t believe how quickly he’s falling for Zach, but reality sets in when they part ways. Zach won’t abandon his family in Georgia, and Alex must continue to run his family’s business in California. Can their hunger for each other overcome the distance between them?


Break Me Now (BSI 3)

Available Now! www.bookstrand.com/break-me-now

ecm-lb-bosi-breakmenow-full-2Julian Stark is a broken man. He suffered for years at the hand of his sadistic father to save his two younger brothers from the pain of punishment. Relationships have no place in his twisted life. That is, until Bradley Lawson comes along, begging to be Julian’s personal submissive.

The first time Bradley saw Julian, he was done for. Months have passed since his first encounter with the powerful billionaire, and he’s finally secured a job on Sinn with the help of Julian’s youngest brother. However, he wants to be where Julian is: On the Midnight floor. Problem? He knows nothing about the BDSM lifestyle. He despises being used, but if it guarantees him Julian’s undivided attention, he’ll become Julian’s one and only submissive.

What should have been a simple tutorial quickly turns into Julian’s biggest challenge. Is he willing to give up control in order to discover true love in Bradley’s arms? Or will he break the only man who can save him?




Tempt Me Not (BSI 4)

Available Now! www.bookstrand.com/tempt-me-not

 ecm-lb-bosi-temptmenot-full-2Rogue Galliston has never been a one-man’s man. An endless stream of lovers with no permanent attachment was his way of life until he found himself in bed with Cory Anderson. Where emotions were supposed to be nothing but a word, Cory ignites something inside him that he can’t live without.

A month has passed since that fateful night when he envisioned a future and watched it shatter all within an hour. He hasn’t been able to garner up enough nerve to explain the events to Cory until a bet is proposed to him. Rogue has one week to reclaim Cory as his lover. For Rogue, the ultimate prize would come with earning Cory’s forgiveness.

Cory hasn’t been able to get Rogue out of his head. He tries to fight the wild attraction they share for each other, but quickly succumbs to his deep-rooted affection for Sinn’s rebel. Unfortunately, someone isn’t happy about their reunion, and will stop at nothing to destroy their rekindled happiness.




Mine to Keep (BSI 5)

Available Now! www.bookstrand.com/mine-to-keep

ecm-lb-bosi-minetokeep-fullJeremy Cortez and Dylan Hughes have been best friends for six years. Add in one week of intense intimacy when Jeremy finally gave into his desires for men, and there is nothing they haven’t done together.

All of that’s about to change when Jeremy hooks his hopes on creating a future with his current lover, who is also a regular guest on Sinn. As much as Jeremy wants something permanent, he can’t get over the guilt of leaving Dylan, or wash away the attraction he feels toward his best friend.

Dylan fell in love with Jeremy years ago, but has always kept his fierce emotions under wraps. When he catches Jeremy’s lover in the hands of two women at Breakers, his first and only instinct is to protect Jeremy’s heart, whatever cost to his own.

The cost is crushing, as Dylan and Jeremy find themselves fighting to save their friendship, and the unspoken love they hold for each other.


Yours to Claim (BSI 6)

Available Now! www.bookstrand.com/yours-to-claim

ecm-lb-bosi-yourstoclaim-fullChase Morgan has been fighting his inner desire toward men his entire life. On his way home from Sunrise, Sinn’s luxurious restaurant, he drifts off path and finds himself enthralled at the sight of two men together. Until he’s caught. And by no one other than Emery Levine, one of Sinn’s drop-dead gorgeous security guards, and Chase’s secret crush.

Emery has been watching Chase ever since he caught the man observing him one day at Sunrise. What he dubs a “closet-lurker,” Chase is curious but uncertain of where he fits in. Emery knows exactly where the man will fit, and offers Chase an opportunity to explore the hunger rattling Chase’s inhibitions to get out.

Just when Chase and Emery believe their tutorial is turning into something more permanent, Chase is faced with one last challenge. Can he completely give himself over to the desires he holds for Emery? Or will he fall back into a woman’s arms again?


Take Me Now (BSI 7)

Available Now! www.bookstrand.com/take-me-now

ecm-lb-bosi-takemenow-fullChristian Donovan is a self-made multimillionaire. Unfortunately, he lost the only thing money can’t buy: Love. Now, three years later, he’s figured out a plan to win back the man who holds his heart.

Adrian Belleford never stopped loving Christian, but he continues to hide those emotions behind his hurt and anger. Getting a job on Sinn was a blessing, putting distance between him and his ex, until his luck runs out. Christian is on Sinn and he’s determined to earn Adrian’s forgiveness. He’s also in the company of the two men who humiliated Adrian as Christian delivered his heart-wrenching betrayal for all of his elite friends to witness.

Every move he makes and every corner he turns, Adrian is forced to face the man who threatens his resolve. Christian strategically uses his guest status on Sinn to bring them closer together, but can he bring Adrian’s walls crumbling down? Or will his departure from Sinn be their final goodbye?




Love Me Not (BSI 8)

Available Now!  www.bookstrand.com/love-me-not

ecm-lb-bosi-lovemenot-fullWarren Sutherland, heir to a multimillion-dollar fortune, has a target on his back.

Someone wants him dead. After a botched murder attempt, Warren washes up on Sinn Island. He embraces the role of an amnesiac and hides behind the disguise of a maintenance man for the island.

Months after a stranger—only known as Mitch—was found unconscious on Sinn’s shore, James Demour has fallen in love. Caring for the man created a bond neither could deny. Despite their blossoming relationship, James knows there is more to Mitch’s story, and he fears what truth Mitch hides.

Warren doesn’t want to lose James, but his guilty conscience haunts him. Caught in lies he thought would protect him, he realizes the only chance at happiness is to admit to his ruse.

When the threat arrives on Sinn’s shores, Warren is in the fight for his life. Can he survive without James? And if he does, will their relationship survive the truth?

**Blurbs subject to change. **

All books available at all major third-party retailers.

Amazon: http://amzn.to/1vhV08g

Barnes and Noble: http://bit.ly/19yMvjl

4 responses to “Boys of Sinn Island

  1. Annie Coon July 28, 2014 at 1:34 pm

    Hi will these books be coming out in kindle form?

    • Rhea Regale August 3, 2014 at 2:39 pm

      Hi Annie! Yes, they will all come out for Kindle, Nook, Kobo, etc. Siren books usually appear on Amazon about 4-6 weeks after release at Siren (they are exclusive titles at Bookstrand for 4 weeks). Thank you for showing interest! I hope you enjoy them!

  2. Anoelle H Love August 14, 2014 at 12:28 am

    Enjoying this series! Just finished book 2 tonight…can’t wait to read Julian’s book 🙂

    • Rhea Regale August 14, 2014 at 12:45 am

      Hi Anoelle! I am so thrilled you’re enjoying the series. I love the Stark brothers, especially Julian. He holds a special place in my heart. He and Bradley are scheduled to make their debut two weeks from Saturday, and I’m very excited about it! Be sure to friend me on Facebook for sneak peeks and snippets (and some inspirational pictures of all the “boys”) of all my upcoming books 🙂 Look forward to hearing what you think of Break Me Now ❤

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