Rhea Regale

Erotic Romance Author

Blood Moon Legacy Series

The Legend of the White Wolf:

The white wolf is revered in the were community, a sign from the spirits of prosperity and good times to come.  She is an alpha female who gives hope to her fellow wolves and reigns control over all.  As with any admired creature comes those who wish to watch her fall from grace. 

Twenty-five years ago, a group of rebel wolves slipped into the quaint town of Hood River and slaughtered all residing white wolves, leaving the local packs in panic and dishevel.

Little did the rebels know, many infant whites survived.

And so began the legend of the Blood Moon Legacy.

Copyright 2010 Rhea Regale


Wild Hearts, Blood Moon Legacy (1)  Wild Hearts, Blood Moon Legacy (1)

When Shyla Smith learns of her grandfather’s death, she travels to Hood River to put his estate in order. Shyla’s not thrilled with staying at his humble cabin in the middle of a forest, and when a welcoming committee of four wild wolves greets her at the front door, she all but runs back to New York City. Nothing could have prepared her for the secrets which were about to unfold.

Coal Demmering and Jacy Roddery are the spiritually appointed mates to Shyla. The problem? They need to convince a city woman she belonged with them in Hood River, she descends from a highly revered white wolf bloodline, and a rebel pack of wolves has her marked for death.

With Coal and Jacy filling her nights with passion and her days with danger, will Shyla finally submit to the call of her wild heart?


Wild Nights, Blood Moon Legacy (2)

Blood Moon Legacy

Ayasha White knows she is different, even for a wolf. When a fire burns her house to the ground, killing her uncle, she flees to Wolf Creek and into the arms of Lenox Carter. Her body awakens with passion and her wolf spirit rises in the presence of her mate. But Lenox holds disturbing knowledge of her past and a cold truth about her other mate.

Riley Tormel, Lenox’s friend-turned-foe, leads the rebel pack hot on Ayasha’s tail. He won’t stop until she’s dead. When she unleashes a powerful surge of emotions within him, he’s left questioning his motives and unable to shake a foreign desire to protect her.

Time is running out. Ayasha’s life lies in Riley’s unpredictable hand. Can she and Lenox convince Riley his place is with them? Or will the untamed rebel wolf rejoin forces with his pack and hunt them to the death in the wild night?

A battle between life, death, and love.


Wild Hunts, Blood Moon Legacy (3)

As a revered white wolf, Kasa Jones is well aware of the dangers stalking her. She and her brother, Jordan, track down holding cells and free innocent werewolves before they’re reprogrammed to kill her.

The night Kasa botches a hunt, exposing herself to the enemy, she flees for her life and lands in the claws of two mysterious wolves.

Micah and Slade Castrove have been hot on Kasa’s trail for months. With her finally in their care, the brothers vow to protect her from the dangerous rebels hungry for white wolf blood. They never imagined the challenges that would come with keeping Kasa safe.

Kasa is enraptured by her mates. Their body-heating good looks, powerful personas, and promises of protection easily sway her priorities. But when her brother is kidnapped and the only way to save him is to sacrifice herself, can her mates protect her from the ultimate hunt?

Where the hunters become the hunted, the predators become prey…


Wild Mates, Dark Moon Redemption (BML 4)

rr-bml-darkmoon1A month after Jordan Jones was shot by Lilia, handed over to her mad sister, and suffered through a brutal night of torture, he captures the last living Dark Moon sister. His desire for revenge takes an unexpected turn when his wolf spirit recognizes Lilia as his mate, but the beast inside him craves harm upon her.

Lilia has kept Eva away from Jordan and Kasa for years. She’s desperate to make him believe she’s not like her sisters by explaining the truth behind the Dark Moon pack. She will do everything to cure him of the lasting effects of Eva’s torture and earn his approval, and maybe his love, if he would only trust she can help.

After a surprise attack from rebel escapees, Jordan and Lilia both realize this new danger thirsts solely for her blood. His untrusting family and alliances may be her only chance of survival, but sacrifice will become her only chance for redemption.

Don’t miss the exciting, action-packed final installment of the Blood Moon Legacy!

2 responses to “Blood Moon Legacy Series

  1. Sharon Ford July 2, 2012 at 5:39 am

    Are you going to write a book on Jordon Jones in the BML series as the 3rd book left him all alone. After all the pain and sacrifice he’s gone through I think he deserves a story too.
    Your books are great.

  2. Debbie October 26, 2012 at 10:07 am

    LOVE BML series, can’t wait till #4 comes out do you know when this will be?

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