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Newest Boys of Sinn Island Book on Pre-Order

Good afternoon!

I’m excited to announce that Yours to Claim, Boys of Sinn Island 6 is now available for pre-order!  This was such a fun, hot book, and I sure hope you find it just as humorous and sexy as I did while writing it.  Be sure to keep a fan near by, or a bucket of ice 😉

Here is an excerpt from Yours to Claim.



Chase Morgan has been fighting his inner desire toward men his entire life. On his way home from Sunrise, Sinn’s luxurious restaurant, he drifts off path and finds himself enthralled at the sight of two men together. Until he’s caught. And by no one other than Emery Levine, one of Sinn’s drop-dead gorgeous security guards, and Chase’s secret crush.

Emery has been watching Chase ever since he caught the man observing him one day at Sunrise. What he dubs a “closet-lurker,” Chase is curious but uncertain of where he fits in. Emery knows exactly where the man will fit, and offers Chase an opportunity to explore the hunger rattling Chase’s inhibitions to get out.

Just when Chase and Emery believe their tutorial is turning into something more permanent, Chase is faced with one last challenge. Can he completely give himself over to the desires he holds for Emery? Or will he fall back into a woman’s arms again?



From the first time Emery caught the kid staring at him, he’d taken a cautious liking to looking right back. Only his observations didn’t stop that afternoon at Sunrise. His continued, growing into a quiet attraction that made absolutely no sense to him. He didn’t do relationships, and he sure as hell didn’t do virgins.

Once they hit the cleared path, he headed a solid twenty feet ahead for safe measures. The kid hadn’t fought thus far. From his experience, the moment a captive was released, they often took off running. Sometimes screaming. He wasn’t taking his chances.

Emery tossed a glance over his shoulder. No one traveled this poorly lit path at night except for the occasional lovers or employees of Sinn. Judging by the dress of the kid, as well as the lingering stale scent of food, he’d wager a bet he just caught himself server of the day, fresh from shift.

“I advise you to keep your trap shut and don’t take off running. Pursuits this late irritate the fuck out of me,” Emery warned as he came to a halt. The kid nodded vigorously. He almost felt bad for putting a solid scare into him.

He slowly loosened his hold around the kid’s chest and turned him to face Emery. His hand fell away from the kid’s mouth—well, not really a kid—and Emery caught his first fitting up-close-and-personal look at the lurker.

Three things hit him immediately. The guy’s eyes were such a light blue that even in the dark, he could tell their color without strain. Maybe it helped that those eyes were wide with…surprise? In those eyes, a storm of emotions lashed mercilessly, making him dizzy. The third was the most stunning. Although he’d watched this guy from afar, standing this close he was pretty damn cute for a redhead. Emery caught himself scouring the guy with a look he’d put on a bedmate, not on a voyeur getting off watching a private act from behind a tree.

The kid raised his hands in surrender and took a step back. Emery crossed his arms over his chest and arched a brow in silent warning. His guilty charge came to an immediate stop, his back stiffening.

“I-It wasn’t…I wasn’t doing anything to…I didn’t mean to…”

“You didn’t mean to hang around those two for your own gratification?” Emery asked. The kid’s lower lip moved soundlessly. Emery had to admit those lips were damn tempting. Full and plump. The deep rose that spread across the guy’s face was definitely endearing. “Do that often?”

“God no!” Almost a squeak. The kid was definitely making him feel bad. “I swear, I’ve never done that. Never.”

“Um, if you’ve missed, you did it tonight.” The kid blinked at him. Emery held his gaze steady. “What’s your name?”



Chase nodded, a chunk of red hair falling over his forehead. “Yeah. Sunrise.”

Well, his sense of smell was spot on. “Did you follow those two?”

“Sir, listen. I heard something. I went to check it out. I stumbled upon them. Really, it was innocent.”

Emery made a pointed trail with his gaze down to Chase’s crotch. The kid shifted from one foot to the other.

“Mm-hmm,” Emery murmured, drawing out the sounds with a slow nod. “Sure.”

“I swear. I-I don’t know what made me…” Another deep blush hit the kid’s face. He rubbed his jaw with his clean hand, stuffing what Emery would assume were pretty damn sticky fingers into his pocket. “It won’t happen again. I promise.”

“Did you find that a turn on, Chase?” Emery asked, pushing the boundaries of duty versus curiosity. Right now, Chase intrigued him more than he pissed him off. That was saying a lot considering his lack of sleep and equal lack of patience. He was still considering a run at the punching bag.

Chase’s brows came together, dark slashes over those light eyes. The kid dropped his gaze to the ground, tugging his lower lip between his teeth. Emery waited, never taking his eyes off Chase.

“I think I should be going. It’s late,” Chase murmured. Although it was apparent to anyone with a set of eyes that the guy was uncomfortable, he didn’t make a move to leave. At last, he lifted his eyes to Emery’s. “You won’t, you know, say anything. Right?”

“How about this. You keep your eyes to yourself next time and I won’t say a word about your little expedition.” Emery lowered his arms, hooking his thumbs in the pockets of his leather pants. “Deal?”

Chase nodded, a small smile hinting at the corners of his mouth. “Thank you.”

“Remember what I said.”

Emery stepped by Chase and paused to look over at him. He did a quick scan of the man’s face in this shadowy darkness. His chin was prominent, his jawline narrow. His cheeks were high and his nose was sharp and straight. Compared to the muscle on Sinn, Chase was delicate. However, beneath that delicate appearance, Emery distinctly recalled the solid form of his body as he dragged the man to the path. Chase may be a few inches shorter, a few sizes smaller, but he possessed a compact strength.

Emery made a slight motion over his shoulder. “I don’t expect to make another round here and find you lingering about.”

“You won’t.” Chase pivoted and started up the path ahead of Emery. He paused a few feet ahead. “I didn’t catch your name.”


“Thanks, Emery. I appreciate you keeping this quiet.” Chase twisted enough to catch Emery’s gaze. “I owe you.”

Boys of Sinn Island can be purchased through Siren-Bookstrand at www.bookstrand.com/leah-blake.  Many are available at Amazon and other popular third party distributors. 

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