Rhea Regale

Erotic Romance Author

It’s Release Day for Break Me Now! (Adult excerpt)

I have been anticipating this release for weeks. I love this book and sure hope every one of you finds Julian and Bradley’s story just as touching and riveting as I had while writing it. Siren is featuring this release at a 10% discount for a limited time, so be sure to head over 🙂 If you haven’t stopped by the website yet, there are two full-length excerpts posted there. I am going to share one here.

Thank you to all of my readers for your love and support! Break Me Now has spent the entire week and a half it’s been on pre-order on Siren’s best seller list, and it’s moving up today 😀


Here is an excerpt:

Julian dipped his head and closed his eyes. He kept his nose mere inches from Bradley’s neck, inhaling the scent of fresh soap and shampoo. Heat radiated off his flesh. His mind was quickly filtering away, leaving him in a state where control was not the front player.

Satiation of raw lust was.

He was thankful to have left any sort of protection at his apartment. As it stood, the idea of fucking Bradley without the aid of anything was as tempting as allowing the man to stay and continue to work for him.

And he never, ever, fucked a sub.

Julian slid a splayed hand around Bradley’s waist until his fingers encircled the base of his cock. The velvety sheath of flesh was feverish against his palm. He learned each tunneling ridge along his wide shaft, listening to the quiet moans of delight fall from this man’s mouth. Bradley’s head fell forward, strands of damp hair draping over his forehead and exposing the nape of his neck.

The sudden burn that shot along Julian’s lips was unexpected. So was the way his body leaned into Bradley as he brushed an airy kiss along that stretch of neck. He spread the man’s cream from the tip of his cock down to the hilt, working each stroke of his hand in a slow rhythm meant to drive him insane. He drew his lips along the disks of his spine. Once he reached Bradley’s shoulder, he nipped the taut skin.

A fierce tremor shook his slave. Julian nipped again and lifted his head as Bradley shivered. Turning his mouth against Bradley’s ear, he whispered, “Beg for me to make you come.”

“I beg you, Sir. I beg you to make me come,” Bradley said, his voices soft, strained.


“I beg you, Sir.” Bradley lifted his head and turned to look at him. Julian grabbed a handful of his hair and jerked his head back, keeping his mouth away from his. As tempted as he was to kiss the man, that was another boundary he never crossed.

“Beg me to what?” Julian pressed. He scraped his teeth along the stretch of flesh over Bradley’s throat. The man’s cock jerked in his hand.

“Make me come, Sir.”

Bradley’s breathing turned into ragged gasps. Julian increased the steady tempo of his fist pumping along his cock.

“Louder, boy.”

“Sir, please!” Bradley thrust his hips, forcing his dick through his fist faster than Julian wanted. “Make me come!”

Any other man would’ve suffered a severe case of blue balls had they pulled a stunt like that, but Julian couldn’t bring his hand away from the man’s erection. He held the base of Bradley’s cock, refusing to stroke until his hips settled and the fine tremors that rippled along his arms soothed.

“Don’t move or you’ll be handling your hard-on with your own hand,” Julian warned. Bradley nodded against his grip.

“Yes, Sir.”

He had the man strung tight, the white of his knuckles a giveaway. Julian returned to his slow, methodical strokes, smearing fresh cream along Bradley’s dick. He licked the man’s shoulder, the clean taste of his skin soaking into his tongue. A strangled cry squeezed out of Bradley.

“Come, Sir. Please. God, I beg you, Sir. Let me come now.”

Julian couldn’t suppress the grin that came over his mouth at the whimpering moans. He released his grip in Bradley’s hair again, angling his body for a better grip on his cock. The man had enough juice to use as a natural lube, but Julian still silently cussed at leaving his personal stock at the apartment.

“Are you not enjoying what I’ve generously given you?” Julian asked.

“I am,” Bradley said quickly. “I am, Sir. So much.”

Julian turned his head up and caught the man’s earlobe between his teeth.


“Damn, yes!”

“Sir.” Julian licked the palm of his free hand, reached around Bradley’s waist, and latched onto the base of his cock. He moved both hands in synchrony, squeezing, releasing, increasing the speed of his strokes until Bradley was gasping and whimpering. He slowed down.

“Fuck, no! No, Sir. Don’t…don’t stop, Sir.”

“Do you hurt, boy?” Julian leaned over enough to glimpse the deep creases along Bradley’s forehead. “How much does it hurt?”

“My balls are burning up and my dick is so swollen that I can’t see straight,” Bradley said in short bursts of words before sucking in air. “Sir.”

“How do you like my hands on you?”

A sharp rush of air fled his lips. “Pure heaven, Sir.”

“What will you do for release, boy?”

“Anything, Sir. Anything.”


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