Rhea Regale

Erotic Romance Author

Brand New News

Happy May.  Here’s wishing everyone a fun and safe Memorial Day!

Can you believe we’re almost halfway through this year?  I absolutely can’t!  Before I know it, Christmas will be here again.  My heels are dug deep into the ground, trying to halt time best I can.  Maybe that’s why I don’t sleep.  I try to squeeze out every last drop of the day.

I know I posted this last time, but if you are on Facebook and have not friended me, please go ahead and send me a request.  I’ve been busy, but I am always on my page at least once a day.  Oh, and I’ve created an Author Page (www.facebook.com/rhearegaleauthor).  Be sure to “Like” the page, as I plan on having many fun and exciting events hosted there.

Looking for some new news?  I think I might have it for you.  I’ve been working on a project the past couple months.  I submitted a brand new series to my publisher, and I can officially say it has been accepted!

So, how many of you would like to take a trip to the Caribbean, where there’s this exclusive little island?  It’s costly, but what you get is well worth the cash.  Identities are strictly confidential, so you can do whatever your deepest, darkest, sexiest heart desires without fear of exposure to the world.292c63eb8750d5ad15228cc591d413f3

Welcome to pleasure in any form you can imagine.

Welcome to Sinn Island.

Ah, yes.  A lovely Caribbean retreat for your imagination, starting with Mine at Midnight coming to you in July.  Yours to Crave, Break Me Now, and Tempt Me Not will follow between August and September.  I will give you fair warning.  The Boys of Sinn Island series is M/M and will be published under a brand new pseudonym, Leah Blake.  However, I am going to be starting the spin-off which will be menage (M/F/M) under Rhea.  After all, an entire island of some strangers and some regulars, there is a mix to be had.

I can’t wait to start sharing little tidbits about these boys.  They’re something else.  Sexy, sinful, melt-right-off-the-bone delightful.  Some are rich.  Some are not.  Some have tattoos.  Some have dark pasts.  Some are battling for love while others are blind to it.

There is something to be said about the relaxing island air here on Sinn.  It brings peace to one’s soul.  Recuperation.  Anyone who’s visited will tell you, you will need every ounce of energy for your four days, three nights, on this island.  When the sun goes down, the party starts, and you don’t want to miss the fun that happens at Sinn’s premiere night club.

Oh, I’m sorry.  The owners just informed me that I can’t release the details of the club just yet.  After all, it’s not public knowledge.  What happens here on Sinn, well, you all know the saying.

Be on the look out for more news about Sinn and the boys that rule the white sands and crystalline waters.

And don’t forget to Like my Author Page for current news about upcoming releases 🙂



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