Rhea Regale

Erotic Romance Author

A Little Bit of Vampire. A Little Bit of Succubus.

Good morning everyone!

Well, it’s Thursday.  6 days before the release of my latest book Tempted by Her Trinity.  13 days before Christmas. 20 days before the New Year.  Is anyone else wondering where 2013 has gone?  I sure am, but with the new year approaching, I’ve already started a game plan for 2014, and with that, hopefully a lot of promising and exciting things.  Some of you might know I’m toying around with a new series that’ll revert back to my paranormal/fantasy roots.  I’ve also been thinking about that spin-off series that’ll bring the spotlight onto the secondary characters of Ryder, Kansas.  I can’t let my cowboys/girls go.  In addition to those two projects, I’m hoping to submit the first in my dragon shifter series.  I will most likely be publishing that series under my alternative name.  If that happens, I will finally be crossing my names.  My reasoning behind keeping the two separate will be a great future post 🙂

Even with Christmas approaching, Tempted by Her Trinity is not a Christmas story.  Nor did I want it to be. As much as I love Christmas, and hope to write a Christmas-themed book for next year, I do find so much Christmas can bog a person down.  What better way to stir up things than to throw a little bit of vampire and little bit of succubus into the mix?  Yeah, there’s a dash of resentment, a sprinkle of danger, a generous dose of hot passion, and a hint of deceit.  There’s hot and humid weather, sandy beaches, posh hotels, and private luxury jetliners.  There’s a woman who knows how to kick some serious ass, but still has a heart that she wants to share with a man…or three.  There’re men who have a rough and tough outer shell to hide their pain, suffering, and tenderness from the world.

Haven’t stopped by Siren to check it out yet?  Here’s a clip of Tempted by Her Trinity, coming December 18th to Siren-Bookstrand.

Tempted by Her Trinity

(Ménage Amour: Erotic Paranormal Ménage a Quatre Romance, M/F/M/M, vampires, bondage, spanking, flogging, sex toys, HEA)

After two hundred years, Zandra Arella’s Awakening brings a frightening twist. Three of the four Elders have been destroyed, her sire the final target. Zandra has little time to learn the ways of this new world. Each hour she delays in tracking down the lethal Trinity is an hour her enemy has gained.

Lucien, Damion, and Tor Corrington are no strangers to their father’s greedy demands and cunning ideas. They disregard his claim that the Assassin is hunting them down until they cross paths with Zandra. Her acute knowledge of a strange vampire-specific virus, the sudden depletion of succubi, and a cryptic concern for the Elders and their Assassin leaves the brothers, especially Lucien, certain the woman hides more than she shares.

Passions erupt between Zandra and the Corrington brothers, but with pleasure comes haunting secrets and dark betrayals. She has one chance to save Sire, the vampire breed, and her Trinity, and to convince the brothers to trust her and hope that following her heart doesn’t kill her…again.

Available for pre-order at Siren Publishing: www.bookstrand.com/tempted-by-her-trinity

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