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Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

I’m sure some of your homes are smelling sweet and spicy, with turkeys in the oven, trimmings on the stove, and pies at the ready to take turkey’s place in a few hours.

I have been preparing Thanksgiving dinner at my house for years.  This year, the family and I are headed over to my parents’ house for dinner, which threw me off my Turkey Day game plan.  I wasn’t scrambling to set the table with all my fall decorations.  I didn’t get up at the crack of dawn to prepare the turkey and slide it in the oven, although the little one got me up pretty darn early.  My fridge isn’t packed with pies I would normally assemble the night before, or ingredients to start side dishes.  Heck, I only have one bottle of wine in the fridge, not a case in the pantry, lol!  This year is definitely on a different track than I’m used to, but that’s fine.  I’ll make up for it on Christmas 😉

Keeping on the topic of tradition, I’m the pie maker in the family.  It’s always pumpkin and some apple-berry-nut mix. I love baking, hate cooking, except for the holidays.  I’ve grown to love preparing holiday meals, despite the pile of dishes it leaves in the sink.  There’s a sense of accomplishment when I lay out the dishes on the table, a sense of “Wow, that looks beautiful” that I love.  The holidays, for me, can go beyond the basics of cooking and gift wrapping.  It becomes an art in a different form, and each person, each house, creates a different masterpiece.

In addition to pies, I love making mulled apple cider.  The mother of my close childhood friend used to make mulled cider for us during the fall months up north, where is was actually cold this time of year.  I’ve implemented the tradition when I started my own family.  Crock pot, cider, fresh apple with cloves poked into the meat, a couple of cinnamon sticks, and you have it.  Let it get nice and hot, give some to the kiddies, add a splash of spiced rum for the adults, and curl up together with a good movie.  Love it!  And what a way to make the house smell nice.

My mother loves mulled wine, so we’ll most likely be having some warm spiced wine at dinner today.  My father makes a wonderful mushroom soup appetizer that usually does a great job of filling me up.  Of course there’s turkey (and ham this year), stuffing, potatoes, green beans, yams.  I might poncho up my daughter, since she loves making a mess playing with her food.

Even through the hustle and bustle, stress and aggravation of cooking and cleaning and preparing for family and friends to arrive, in the end it’s all about recognizing what we are fortunate to have.  Those family members, those close friends, the food on the table, the warmth and comfort of our home, the love and caring, our good health, the health of our children, our parents.

I am thankful for these things every year.  In addition, this year I’m thankful for new friends and old friends, the chance to change my career, my success with school and the promise of a brighter future.  I’m thankful for my continued ability to write my books and share them with my readers.  I’m thankful everyday for life and for having hope, hope I can share with those around me who need a little hope in their lives.  I am thankful for so much today, and everyday, because thanks continues beyond a single day of the year.

What are some of your traditions?  What are you thankful for this year?

Happy Thanksgiving!


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