Rhea Regale

Erotic Romance Author

Writing in the New Year-The Game Plan for 2012

Ahh, so the holidays are over and life is seemingly getting back to normal.  “Normal” in my house isn’t quite so.  I’ve added a new addition to the family, and things are definitely hectic here, but for a very positive reason.  We are so thrilled to have been blessed with a beautiful baby girl a few months ago, even if she demands attention every minute of my day.  Yep, I’m not kidding there.  If she’s alone (ex. in her crib), all hell breaks loose.  I mean, who can ignore sad baby eyes?  I’m a sucker for them.  My son can still get me with his puppy looks, lol!

Anyhow, as far as upcoming works?  Got a lot planned and little time to execute.  My goal this year is to get at least three new stories to you.  That’s hoping for a baby who likes routine!  Regardless how crazy life gets after having a child (I’m sure there are plenty of moms out there who can attest to chaos after having children), I’m pretty determined to get back in the writing seat.  If there is one thing I am, it’s persistent.  Ask my mother.  I was a cholic child 😉  Persistence is ingrained in my genes, hehe.

Currently, I am working on a story under another name.  I do write light erotic romance, all M/F books.  Once I’m through with that project, I’m returning to a new series.  Anyone who has read the BML series will agree that they are dark, dangerous, action-packed, and probably a little on the violent side.  I allowed my characters to move the series along, and that is how they told their stories.  I love my wolves.  They’re all beautiful creatures/characters =D  I do still have one more story planned for the series.   Once I’m closer to finishing it, I’ll slip in a couple surprise lines.

In addition to BML 4, I have been plotting-well, not exactly because I am so not a plotter-a new series.  This time, we’re going country!  Ah yes.  Can’t deny myself some cowboy pleasure at some point!  So far, I have at least 4 books planned for this new series.  It may grow as I write or not, but that’s four hot cowboy novels that will be a little lighter on the heart.  Hope you are all aboard for that exciting ride 🙂

Here’s a toast to the new year and all the great, exciting adventures that lie ahead for us all!  I have a sleeping baby, so now is the time to get some writing done. 



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