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One Week Away…

…from the exciting third installment of the Blood Moon Legacy series!  Wild Hunts will officially be released on Monday, August 29th.  It is available for Pre-Order at www.bookstrand.com/wild-hunts starting today.  And, to top off this anticipated release, it’s being offered at a 10% discount! 

So, I know many of you have been waiting for a peek at what’s coming up in Wild Hunts.  I’ve already introduced our players, side White and side Dark Moon.  I’m certain I’d mentioned you’ll be seeing a few of our men from the first two books.  Hmm, what other goodies could I share?  A poll?  A contest? 

How about a short excerpt?  Ahh, figured you’d all like that 🙂

As a writer, I love feedback from my readers.  I’m looking to put together a poll to see which hunky alpha male reigns supreme in the BML world.  I would love to interview the winner of the poll.  Dig up some dirt on his thoughts, ideas, and-oh yeah-feelings.  (Right about here, I fan myself while I sigh that well-known “ahhhhhh” because who doesn’t like a sensitive man, right?)  Unfortunately, that poll will have to wait until Wild Hunts is out.  Need to give my brothers a fair chance at the game 😉

As far as a contest, I will be coming up with something this week to celebrate my latest release.  Keep checking back for a chance to win your free advanced reader’s copy of Wild Hunts! 

And now, for a sneak peek inside the minds of our newest wolves…

Story Excerpt (uncorrected):   

A dark figure stepped in her path. Kasa tried to bank right, but the predator was too close. She slid on her ass and spun in the opposite direction.

Weight pressed down on her unstable hips. Her legs buckled and she landed on her belly, splayed over the ground. Teeth clamped down on her scruff. Strong paws held her shoulders, pinning her helplessly to the forest floor. The dark figure that had blocked her path slinked around her, coming in front of her once more.

Her heart pounded against her chest. Two of them.

The large black-and-gray wolf lowered at her head, his snout inches from hers. She growled despite the vibrant heat that washed through her blood. The wolf on her back returned the growl against her scruff. The one at her snout merely pulled back his lips in what seemed to be a smile.

“Foolish of you to be out here alone, putting yourself at risk. Good thing we found you.”

Kasa stiffened. She couldn’t tell which one spoke to her, but neither seemed to know just why she was here. Which could be good.

Or very, very bad.

“What are you doing out here where rebels stalk the night?”

Kasa tried to shimmy from beneath the wolf on her back. His teeth tightened on her flesh. His paws pressed into her shoulders. The black-and-gray at her nose shifted closer and licked her. Desire struck her fiercely, dimming her vision. A new sensation extinguished the last of her pain, replacing it with a basic yearning. A basic hunger. The heat pulsing off this stranger spread over her, through her, deep inside her spirit. His pale blue eyes flickered before his warm tongue brushed her again.

“Answer me.”

Kasa tried to fight the urge to close her eyes while pinned to the ground in a hot zone. They were barely a mile away from the cave, too close to be considered safe. Despite the heaviness weighing in her womb and the sudden weakness that curled along her muscles, she blinked and held the black-and-gray’s piercing gaze.

“That’s none of your business,” she snapped along the newly acquired telepathic line. A familiar hum touched along another line.

The approach was stealth and silent until the moment the two wolves launched themselves at the duo holding her. The weight on her back vanished with a rumbling growl. The black-and-gray viciously engaged the wolf who jumped him. Kasa sprang to her paws and shook the dirt from her coat.

“Dammit, Kasa. How many times must I tell you to stop your thrill-seeking ordeals?” A light brown wolf trotted up to her, his amber eyes seeing past her to the brawl taking place among the four wolves. He snorted then swatted her hind quarters with a paw. “Let’s go.”

“I don’t think they were captives.” The tremor in her tone drew that soul-penetrating amber gaze back to her. Pointed ears perked up. She shook her head and started away from the brawling wolves. Jordan, don’t give me that look. I’m not in the mood.”

“You think I’m in the mood to chase after my insane sister who insists on breaching rebel territory? I’d much rather be home with a damn beer and a girl.”

Kasa snarled, slinking alongside her brother. She cast the wolves a glance over her shoulder. The two wolves from her brother’s pack retreated behind them. Their threatening growls rolled through the night, warning the strangers not to follow. By the looks of it, the two submissive wolves whom her brother and their pack mates saved her from took their warnings seriously. The black-and-gray bared his white teeth but showed no signs of attacking. The other, a gray-and-white, sat down and looked around as if nothing was out of the ordinary for this night.

The stunning blue gaze landed on her for a haunting moment. Kasa swallowed, her throat severely parched.Jordancame up behind her and nudged her forward with the tip of his snout. She turned away and took off, following the scent trail her brother and the others left upon their approach.

Pre-Order now at www.bookstrand.com/wild-hunts

Well, that’s it for the moment 🙂  Hope you enjoyed the snippet and I’ll be looking forward to posting some more soon!

As always, happy readings!



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