Rhea Regale

Erotic Romance Author

Loving to Read

I spent the day running around the planet, it seems, trying to get everything done.  Here I am, sitting at my computer, going back through my day and wondering what the heck did I do today?  I have come to the conclusion that when you have a full day off, you get nothing done.  Days I have a schedule of events, whether it be work, sports, appointments, etc., I get a boat load more accomplished.  Why is this?  I’ve tried to implement the psychological ideas that I have time restraints on days off, but my naughty subconscious constantly whispers, “You have no reason to rush, so take your time.”

Bad subconscious.  Bad.

Wicked subconscious aside, I’m loving the weather today.  Yep, talk of the weather to follow.  Reason being, writers are inspired by all sensory avenues.  I love listening to music when I write.  It ignites emotions in me that I can relay to readers through my characters.  What I can do without is writing about food because it often makes me hungry 🙂 

Weather, in general, sets a mood for me.  There’s nothing better than a stormy afternoon when I can simply relax in my chair and let my thoughts roll.  As of lately, however, rolling thoughts leads to an hour nap.  I’m hoping that will stop in the next couple month.  I’ll simply be up all the time!

Yes, it’s a stormy afternoon here in the Sunshine state, so not it’s namesake today 😉  It’s an afternoon that I’ll be curling up on the sofa to finish reading a book I started yesterday, a good Historical romance.  You might be wondering why Historical if I write, and love to write, paranormal romances.  It’s a change of scenery.   Everyone needs a bump in their road to keep things interesting, including writers.  I also like to read outside the genre I write while I’m writing.  It broadens the horizons, so to speak.  I love discovering new authors that simply steal my attention and draw me mercilessly into their stories.  Or, well, it’s more the character which draw me in. 

In addition to Paranormals and Historicals, I love to read a great Contemporary here and there, a gripping Romantic Suspense now and then, and you might catch me reading a YA once in a while, depending on what catches my attention.  Picking different genres to enjoy keeps me focused on my own stories without making me feel bored with it.  I don’t do bored.  Bored and I aren’t compatible. 

And I wonder why my son needs to be moving every second of the day, lol!  Must get it from me.

So, as the storm rolls on through, I’ll let my thoughts stew.  I’ll pick up my Nook, and read a good book. 

The rhyming was not intentional, but hey, it worked!

What type of weather do you like?  What are some  of your favorite genres to read?  How excited do you get when you discover a new author?

As always, happy reading!



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