Rhea Regale

Erotic Romance Author

From Seed to…Something

I’m finally back on my feet, or in my writing chair, again.  Spring fever is but a fleeting memory once the Florida heat kicks in.  Let me just say, the heat definitely makes an entrance, and we can’t shake it until late fall, early winter.  It’s all indoors from here on out, unless a pool is involved. 

Needless to say, I happily planted some fruit and veggies in a garden.  I can only hope that the sun doesn’t dry them out.  I love sun-dried tomatoes but not when I pick them off the plant like that.  And shriveled cantaloupe?  Uh, nah.  Defeats the purpose of it being refreshing.  Aside of protecting my plants from my “brown” thumb (I’m diligently working to graduate to “green”), a heat index that can rival any thermometer, sunshine that can fry you in a blink, and dry spells that’ll make you think you’re living in the desert with a few palm trees, I have to keep the birds from getting to my harvest before I can. 

Any suggestions from avid gardeners?  I’ll happily try anything!

When I lived in Jersey, I had to keep the deer away, although I must admit I loved watching the small family come up to my doorstep and chow down on my tomatoes.  I never had the opportunity to reap what I sowed, but the visits from the deer were just as rewarding 🙂  I was a captivated audience of one.  Kind of like the time we borrowed our friend’s goat (yes, this is in Jersey, the suburbs of Jersey, and a goat was involved) and watched the little guy literally eat his way through our backyard, which had managed to turn into a chest-high jungle of grass.  I’d let the dog run out back and the only way I knew where she was was by the swaying grass tops!  Anyhow, little goat definitely got his daily dose of greens, and that tiny animal did much better than the mower we had at the time, lol.

Ahh, so the garden is planted, the heat is stepping up, and here I am, feverishly plowing through the third book in the Blood Moon Legacy series.  If everything goes as planned, and nothing ever does nowadays, I will have it finished by this weekend, edited by next week, and hopefully into my publisher by the end of next week.  All I must do is keep the headaches at bay and stop watching Criminal Minds.  See, this is why I don’t want much television, or try out new series.  I was so damn hooked on CM for weeks that I couldn’t peel myself off my sofa to go to sleep in my bed, lol.

CM has now taken a back seat to writing.  With this book so close to finish, and a fourth that wasn’t entirely planned to be a fourth pulling together with surprising speed in my mind, I’m furiously making a mad dash to get these awesome characters on paper.  Although Wild Hearts, Wild Nights, and upcoming book 3 are all menage, book 4 will most likely be a sizzling hot erotic romance.

You’ll see why when the time comes 😉

In addition to completing the next two books, I’m looking forward to starting a new project.  Anyone in the mood for some dark, delicious vamps?  How about a dash of succubus?  Maybe a djinn?  Or perhaps a huntress?

What about a new set of cowboys?

Yes, I have a bunch of things working their way out.  As fun as it is, it can also be distracting juggling so many ideas, especially those that are loud and clear, plaguing my mind while I’m trying to finish what I’m working on currently.  But hey, better to have an overactive muse than a dry well that might just give a Florida summer run for its money.

I know a bit of time has lapsed between my last post and now, and I do apologize.  And if it happens again, just know that I’m either placing myself between my garden and some angry birds-so NOT the game-or I’m deep in my latest story in hopes of delivering it to you within the next couple months 😉 

As always, thank you all for your continued support!  You are the reason I do what I love to do.

Happy Readings!



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