Rhea Regale

Erotic Romance Author

Release is Almost Here!

I’m preparing myself like I would if I were having guests over at Christmas.  I’m lining up my promos.  I’m getting some blog time in.  I’m spreading the word.  Ah yes, release day is almost here! 

Just a little bit about my journey through writing this book…

When I first started Wild Nights, I wanted something different.  I wanted something that would keep the readers wondering.  Wild Hearts was about discovering self, learning legends and accepting two men loved one woman.  Wild Nights is about the darker side of finding love through years of deception, misleadings, and ultimate betrayal.  It’s about suspending beliefs and mending relations ruthlessly torn apart by tragedy, and testing the strength of my characters to endure such a chore. 

Can love mend all wounds?  Well, love can sometimes cause wounds too big to mend. 

Can love conquer all?  Again, love can sometimes cause the mountains to crumble, bringing us down on a sled of debris. 

In the end, I’m extremely please-and overly excited-about how this book turned out.  I won’t deny it gave me a hard time…stubborn, stubborn men…and I was forced to set it aside for much longer than I cared to.  Almost now, it’s coming for your enjoyment.  And if you’re on the fence about purchasing, my publisher is offering a discount for the first month, ooooo!

Join me tomorrow while I’m blogging at TRS Blue to learn more about the story and the characters, what drives them to make the decisions they do. 

I hope you pick up a copy of Wild Nights and enjoy the journey of three completely different characters and their trying search for what they want most…



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