Rhea Regale

Erotic Romance Author

Excerpt from Wild Nights – Rated R

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Wild Nights, Blood Moon Legacy


Ayasha White knows she is different, even for a wolf. When a fire burns her house to the ground, killing her uncle, she flees to Wolf Creek and into the arms of Lenox Carter. Her body awakens with passion and her wolf spirit rises in the presence of her mate. But Lenox holds disturbing knowledge of her past and a cold truth about her other mate.

Riley Tormel, Lenox’s friend-turned-foe, leads the rebel pack hot on Ayasha’s tail. He won’t stop until she’s dead. When she unleashes a powerful surge of emotions within him, he’s left questioning his motives and unable to shake a foreign desire to protect her.

Time is running out. Ayasha’s life lies in Riley’s unpredictable hand. Can she and Lenox convince Riley his place is with them? Or will the untamed rebel wolf rejoin forces with his pack and hunt them to the death in the wild night?


At last, the rift of tension dissipated around them. Lust, and the fiery desires that coiled deep within her womb, engulfed her once more. She dipped her head and licked him, slowly drawing her tongue from the crease between his staff and his sac straight up to the tip of his crown. He sucked in a sharp breath. Salty sweetness lingered over her tongue, and she purred with the pleasure of his taste. She followed the same path once more before she swirled her tongue over his crown.

Lenox squeezed her ass, spreading her cheeks until a cool breath of air slid over her nether region. She gently pumped Riley’s cock with her fist, lapping at the underside of his shaft. He twitched and seeped beneath her assault, pleasing her as she pleased him. She drew his wide head into her mouth. She took as much of him as she could. His crown hit the back of her throat, and she moaned at the taste of him, the fullness of him in her mouth.

Lenox slid his fingers along the cleft of her ass. They glided with ease, and in their path, cold moisture lingered that made her cream.

“We’ve agreed to share,” Riley added, his voice strained. Aya pumped him with even strokes, pulling back until she nearly crested his tip, then sucking him back in. He tried to thrust deeper, but she held him down with her fist around the base of his cock. She rolled his heavy sac in her other hand. Oh, how she delighted at the sensation of his velvety skin molding and shifting beneath her touch. “Starting tonight… Fuck, Aya, stop. I’m gonna come in your mouth.”

Aya chuckled, the hum causing him to arch into her mouth.

When Lenox eased a finger into her rear entrance, she gasped. Her head snapped up, and she tried to pull away, but he held her around the waist and continued his slow probe of her rear entrance. Riley straightened onto his knees and lifted her chin to meet his gaze.

“We’re gonna start fresh, remember?” he cooed. Aya locked her arms around his neck for support and closed her eyes as she absorbed the unusual sensation of Lenox’s finger in her nether hole. The gentle invasion was soon accompanied by a more pleasant stroke to her clit. She dropped her head to Riley’s shoulder and sighed. “We’re putting aside the past and building a future from this moment on.”

“She’s tight,” Lenox growled. Aya tilted her hips to gain better friction against her clit. Riley left a trail of kisses down her neck. “Ayasha, love, relax.”

“Trust me, you’ll enjoy this tremendously,” Riley assured. He reclined, pulling Aya over him. Lenox guided her hips over Riley’s. She glanced up at Riley’s handsome face through heavy-lidded eyes and relaxed. His cock slid through her sopping pussy until his crown came to rest against her vagina. She lowered herself to take him into her body. Lenox caught her before she slid too far down his dick.

Aya hung in a maddening limbo, aching to be filled by Riley, throbbing for release, when a new sensation struck her. Lenox ran the head of his cock along the slit of her ass, tantalizing her nerves. She clenched down on Riley and watched him stiffen beneath her.

“Oh, my…” she purred. “This is torture. You must do something.”

“I’ll be gentle,” Lenox murmured. His cock pressed against her tight rear entrance. Aya’s first instinct was to pull down, but instead, she was surprised by her own curiosity. She arched into Riley, spreading herself more for Lenox, and pressed back onto his penis. With excruciating slowness, Lenox slid into her as he and Riley guided her down Riley’s dick. Lenox’s weight pressed against her back, forcing her flush against Riley. Her lost wolf whipped his hands up to her head and crushed his mouth against hers.

Aya swam in the hunger of Riley’s kiss, the fullness invading her cunt and ass, and the erotic strokes of pleasure that accompanied each gentle motion. Lenox’s cock slid with ease, filling her rear with his thickness. He held a steady pace that taunted her swollen nub with each rock over Riley.

Riley plundered her mouth with his tongue, and she found breath from his lungs. The man filled her chest with his essence, her body with his cock, and her spirit with completion.

Lenox’s mouth hovered over the nape of her neck, his hot breath splaying over her cool skin. One of his hands cupped her breast and rolled her nipple between two fingers. He tugged, the spears of pleasure shooting straight down to her clit. Her pussy was so wet, so twisted with the need for release that the slightest brushes made her tremble. Her womb coiled and thrummed. The sensation of being filled completely by two men, the stretching and friction, consumed her. Her skin zinged with sensitivity. Each light touch, each loving stroke, each caress, it threatened to undo her.


Her moan drew a growl from Riley. He thrust his hips up. The sudden motion of him filling her to the hilt sparked the break of her coils. She rocked over him, seeking the last bit of friction she needed. Lenox held still inside her rear, his swollen erection pressing into Riley’s shaft.

Her arms buckled, and she fell on top of Riley. Her body quivered with a blinding ache that thumped hard in her womb.

“Too much, little wolf?” Riley groaned. She barely shook her head before Lenox’s arms encased her and pulled her straight up. She whimpered as Riley’s fullness left her. She dropped her head back on Lenox’s shoulder and moaned her delight as he assaulted her throat with hungry kisses and light scrapes of his teeth.

“I think so. Perhaps we should stop?” Lenox teased. He kneaded the mounds of her breasts, keeping her sitting on his dick. There was no pain with his intrusion, only a new, heightened pleasure.

“Don’t stop,” she whispered.

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