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Achieving Your Goals

Update:  I’m so excited to share that the release for Wild Nights is very near.  It’s up on Siren’s Coming Soon list, yay!  But, with the anticipation of my second BML book’s release comes another, different, kind of excitement: Working feverishly to finish the third book.

Yes, I’ve been working diligently, I must say.  I’m half way through with it, and I’m certain it’ll be done by the end of this month.  That, of course, depends on whether or not my characters keep to the track they’re currently on.  Regardless, I’m extremely excited about this series and hope you, my readers, will feel the same way.

To the post…

Thus far, I’ve taken to this year with renewed gusto.  I’ve set myself to accomplish things, reach goals (Goals, goals, goals.  Don’t underestimate the power of goals), and be as productive as possible while juggling life.  Trust me, it is a circus at times.  I’m sure most of you can relate, especially if you have little ones running around your feet until they make you dizzy.  Despite all the extra-curricular activities that add to our “To Do” lists, I am not one to feel guilty when I finally get that “Me” time I’ve been waiting for.  It also ends up being somewhere around midnight when the house is fast asleep and I’m fighting to keep my eyes open at the computer.  Ah, it’s always easier to watch that great show on television, or read that fabulous book you’ve been eyeing for some time now. 

Okay, guilty.

I sneak in my pleasure time too.  Those precious moments that rest my mind and rejuvenate my spirit.  I read that fabulous book.  I watch a great show.  But I also know that the time I take from my writing to indulge must, at some point, go back into that writing time. 

Looking at the little clock on the corner of the screen here, I see just when that time is.  Just for the record, I am not a morning person and it’s definitely early morning in my book (8:25 am to be exact, lol). 

This year, I’ve decided on a brand new approach to things.  It’ll be like balancing a check book.  Put some time in, take some time out, but always make sure you don’t bounce the hours.  Time management places a gigantic role in this, as it does in any situation that helps you obtain your goals.  We all work-yes, I work full-time aside of writing-and we all have busy days to contend with.  It’s uber important to set realistic goal (key word there is realistic because apparently, I don’t know the meaning of that, lol!) and get the most out of your days to reach those goals.

So, with that all out in the open, what are you doing differently this year to reach those goals?  Have you made sacrifices, small or big, to get to where you want to be? 

I’ve cut back some hours at work to make my dreams come true, but I’m also filling those “free” hours with activities that are geared toward my child.  I also think I’m going to start getting up a little earlier and working while the sun is up rather than while the moon is up 🙂  And, if I hit a snag in a story, I’m prepared to walk away from the computer and let the knots work themselves out in my mind instead of forging through knowing the story isn’t where it’s suppose to be.  It’s okay to be dedicated toward reaching your goals, but know your limits. Listen to your body and your mind.  Don’t neglect those most important to you.  And never, never, let others dissuade you from your path.  After all, living with regrets of not doing something when you had the chance is heartbreaking.     

Well now, the holidays are over and time to get back to serious work.  And thoughts.  And activities.  Just remember, Valentine’s Day is right around the corner 🙂  And what better way of adding some sizzle to your romance than with a hot werewolf menage?

Happy Readings.



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