Rhea Regale

Erotic Romance Author

I can’t express how exciting it is to get home after running around all day long, trying to get anything and everything you need to get done done on the one day you have off during the week, booting up your computer, opening your email and oooooo….

There, in the inbox is the brand new cover for your upcoming release!  This is like Christmas-or any holiday you may celebrate-come early.  My heart starts racing, my body trembles and my computer can’t move fast enough when I’m desperately trying to open the attached files. 

And then, finally, the magnificent vision of a perfect cover is centered on the screen and all I can do is stare in awe.  The cover artist for my books, Jinger Heaston, is one talented artist.  She brings that childish smile to my face like I just opened the best present in the world. 

Now the fun begins.  With the cover came the edits.  For the next however long it takes me, I’ll be diligently working on Wild Nights.  This story hit me in a way that no other has…yet.  It was exciting and intriguing to write, since my characters took the reins and all I could do was follow their tale.  There’s suspense, danger, darkness, and some delectable love scenes that are both passionate and hot hot hot!

Along with my lack of control over the direction of the story (yes, I lay full blame on Aya, Lenox, and Riley), the increasing level of tension throughout each page continues to twist my stomach.  I aimed for that punch, and I hope my readers get it.  It’s a good punch.  Really 🙂

After all, what does one woman do with two men who can’t get along?  She brings out the claws, bares her teeth, and surrenders to the call of the night.

At this time, Wild Nights is contracted for a March release, but this can change at any time.  So I’m taking to my edits like a bandit while I continue to feed my third BML novel its dose of words per day.  I hope to share a new Wild novel with you soon enough! 

Click on the Books tab at the top of the page to see my beautiful, breathtaking, sensual cover for Wild Nights and check out the short blurb 🙂

Happy Readings!



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