Rhea Regale

Erotic Romance Author

The Day After

Thanksgiving has come and gone-on some turbo-charged wings, might I add-and the next round of holidays is on their way.  We have less than a week before we enter the fabulous month of December, and jump into the pool of holiday festivities. 

There are Christmas lights up in our community already, some which were hung over a week ago.  We’ll be stringing our own this weekend, but we like to enjoy one holiday before immersing ourselves in another.  That’s our personal preference, however enticing the idea of filling our house and yard with Christmasy decor might be.  Trust me, it’s very very very enticing, lol.

Despite all the build-up for the quickly approaching holidays, I still have so many things on my To-Do list.  Most of those have nothing to do with the holidays.  Christmas also signals the rapidly approaching end of the year, which can be frightening in and of itself.  It’s the process of finishing up one pile of things to begin a new pile of things.  Hopefully, writing will be at the top of the pile this year to come, lol.  I had to do some schedule shuffling.  Silly me thought I could do it all…I still think that but my body’s rebelling against me 🙂

Anyhow, on to the “day after”.  What is your “day after” like?  Are you feeling good, satisfied, can’t wait to do it all over again?  Are you up dancing around your house in a happy bubble?  Or did you wake up with a migraine, wondering “what the hell happened?”  How am I going to face the world today? 

Hey hey hey!!  I’m talking about post-gluttonous side effects, not something else =D  Although…if you feel so inclined….

Uh-hem.  Okay.  Back on track, or as close to the track as I can get 🙂  Needless to say, I’m still cleaning up after our fun extravaganza last night.  That consists of a group of family members that really know how to party.  It was a blast, as always.  They even helped clean up after themselves!  Isn’t that wonderful.  I refused to do Black Friday, so I’m just lounging around the house in my pajamas, a cup of coffee and my brand new Blackberry.  I’ll figure out how to work the thing by next Thanksgiving, lol! 

Happy Holidays!



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