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It’s Release Day for Break Me Now! (Adult excerpt)

I have been anticipating this release for weeks. I love this book and sure hope every one of you finds Julian and Bradley’s story just as touching and riveting as I had while writing it. Siren is featuring this release at a 10% discount for a limited time, so be sure to head over :) If you haven’t stopped by the website yet, there are two full-length excerpts posted there. I am going to share one here.

Thank you to all of my readers for your love and support! Break Me Now has spent the entire week and a half it’s been on pre-order on Siren’s best seller list, and it’s moving up today :D


Here is an excerpt:

Julian dipped his head and closed his eyes. He kept his nose mere inches from Bradley’s neck, inhaling the scent of fresh soap and shampoo. Heat radiated off his flesh. His mind was quickly filtering away, leaving him in a state where control was not the front player.

Satiation of raw lust was.

He was thankful to have left any sort of protection at his apartment. As it stood, the idea of fucking Bradley without the aid of anything was as tempting as allowing the man to stay and continue to work for him.

And he never, ever, fucked a sub.

Julian slid a splayed hand around Bradley’s waist until his fingers encircled the base of his cock. The velvety sheath of flesh was feverish against his palm. He learned each tunneling ridge along his wide shaft, listening to the quiet moans of delight fall from this man’s mouth. Bradley’s head fell forward, strands of damp hair draping over his forehead and exposing the nape of his neck.

The sudden burn that shot along Julian’s lips was unexpected. So was the way his body leaned into Bradley as he brushed an airy kiss along that stretch of neck. He spread the man’s cream from the tip of his cock down to the hilt, working each stroke of his hand in a slow rhythm meant to drive him insane. He drew his lips along the disks of his spine. Once he reached Bradley’s shoulder, he nipped the taut skin.

A fierce tremor shook his slave. Julian nipped again and lifted his head as Bradley shivered. Turning his mouth against Bradley’s ear, he whispered, “Beg for me to make you come.”

“I beg you, Sir. I beg you to make me come,” Bradley said, his voices soft, strained.


“I beg you, Sir.” Bradley lifted his head and turned to look at him. Julian grabbed a handful of his hair and jerked his head back, keeping his mouth away from his. As tempted as he was to kiss the man, that was another boundary he never crossed.

“Beg me to what?” Julian pressed. He scraped his teeth along the stretch of flesh over Bradley’s throat. The man’s cock jerked in his hand.

“Make me come, Sir.”

Bradley’s breathing turned into ragged gasps. Julian increased the steady tempo of his fist pumping along his cock.

“Louder, boy.”

“Sir, please!” Bradley thrust his hips, forcing his dick through his fist faster than Julian wanted. “Make me come!”

Any other man would’ve suffered a severe case of blue balls had they pulled a stunt like that, but Julian couldn’t bring his hand away from the man’s erection. He held the base of Bradley’s cock, refusing to stroke until his hips settled and the fine tremors that rippled along his arms soothed.

“Don’t move or you’ll be handling your hard-on with your own hand,” Julian warned. Bradley nodded against his grip.

“Yes, Sir.”

He had the man strung tight, the white of his knuckles a giveaway. Julian returned to his slow, methodical strokes, smearing fresh cream along Bradley’s dick. He licked the man’s shoulder, the clean taste of his skin soaking into his tongue. A strangled cry squeezed out of Bradley.

“Come, Sir. Please. God, I beg you, Sir. Let me come now.”

Julian couldn’t suppress the grin that came over his mouth at the whimpering moans. He released his grip in Bradley’s hair again, angling his body for a better grip on his cock. The man had enough juice to use as a natural lube, but Julian still silently cussed at leaving his personal stock at the apartment.

“Are you not enjoying what I’ve generously given you?” Julian asked.

“I am,” Bradley said quickly. “I am, Sir. So much.”

Julian turned his head up and caught the man’s earlobe between his teeth.


“Damn, yes!”

“Sir.” Julian licked the palm of his free hand, reached around Bradley’s waist, and latched onto the base of his cock. He moved both hands in synchrony, squeezing, releasing, increasing the speed of his strokes until Bradley was gasping and whimpering. He slowed down.

“Fuck, no! No, Sir. Don’t…don’t stop, Sir.”

“Do you hurt, boy?” Julian leaned over enough to glimpse the deep creases along Bradley’s forehead. “How much does it hurt?”

“My balls are burning up and my dick is so swollen that I can’t see straight,” Bradley said in short bursts of words before sucking in air. “Sir.”

“How do you like my hands on you?”

A sharp rush of air fled his lips. “Pure heaven, Sir.”

“What will you do for release, boy?”

“Anything, Sir. Anything.”


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Hi all!

Have you stopped over at my new website yet?  Be sure to head over there for all up-to-the-minute information regarding Boys of Sinn Island and any/all upcoming releases under Leah Blake.  www.leahblake.com

I am having a “party” to celebrate the upcoming release of Break Me Now, Boys of Sinn Island 3.  I’m so excited about this book.  It’s available for pre-order at Bookstrand now, and the release will be this Saturday, August 30th.  I’m sharing a bunch of snippets from Mine at Midnight and Yours to Crave, as well as some yummy pictures.  Starting tomorrow, I’ll be sharing snippets from Break Me Now through Saturday.  So come on by and leave some comments!

In addition to my new website, I’m on Pinterest now.  I’ve created boards for those Boys books that are now available.  So, if you’re curious about my inspiration, swing over and go through the boards for some eye candy delights :)  www.pinterest.com/rhearegale/ 

And don’t forget, you can find all of my books at www.bookstrand.com/leah-blake

Look forward to seeing you at the party!



Now available on Amazon

For all of you Kindle owners and ebook lovers, Mine at Midnight, Boys of Sinn Island 1, is now available on Amazon! http://amzn.to/1pw0efY



Yours to Crave, BSI 2 Coming Tomorrow

Hi everyone!

I’m so excited about the release of my second book in my new Boys of Sinn Island series, Yours to Crave.  In anticipation of its release tomorrow, I’m going to share a brand new excerpt.  It is available for pre-order, so you can head over to www.bookstrand.com/yours-to-crave and pick up your copy today :)




Alex Stark’s been dumped by his boyfriend of a year and a half. What’s worse? The woman his ex bedded up with broke the news. When he arrives on Sinn Island for his four-day work weekend, the last thing he’s thinking about is finding a replacement. That is, until he wakes up in an employee room belonging to his island eye candy after drinking too much at Breakers with only a fleeting memory of having kissed the man.

Zachary Atkins has been employed on Sinn for months, and he’s always had a keen eye for Alex. Little did he know his crush is also his boss. Zach can’t ignore his pent-up feelings for Alex, especially when Alex returns the affection.

Alex can’t believe how quickly he’s falling for Zach, but reality sets in when they part ways. Zach won’t abandon his family in Georgia, and Alex must continue to run his family’s business in California. Can their hunger for each other overcome the distance between them?



“Don’t think anyone in their sober mind would want a repeat of a bad night,” Zach said, pressing up on his toes to stock a couple bottles on the top shelf. Alex moistened his lips, his body flushing and fingers tingling. Dear God, I want to touch all of that man. “I didn’t catch you come in tonight.”

Alex smiled, pleased by the insinuation. “Were you looking for me, Zach?”

The man tossed him a casual glance over his broad shoulder. “I know you spend most of the time on Crave.” His hand stilled as if he realized he might’ve shared too much information. “What happens when you work a floor for a long time. You get to know your regulars.”

Alex allowed his revelation to stir in the silence that followed, his attention easing down to the hollow of Zach’s lower back. His pants hugged a nice, firm ass and powerful thighs. Alex appreciated the leather that encased his hard body. He and his brothers took their time picking out the uniforms for each floor and each group of employees. Right now, he had no regrets with their choice for Crave.

“So how long have you been watching me?” Alex finally asked, breaking the methodical clinks and bumps of bottles going on shelves. He rubbed his swollen dick, unable to stand the restraint of his pants or the painful engorgement for much longer.

“Longer than you’ve watched me.”

Smooth response, boy. I like it.

“Where were you set up tonight?” Zach proceeded, turning to face Alex. He pointed to Alex and moved his finger up and down. “Anyone would’ve noticed the man wearin’ a shirt where shirts aren’t allowed.”

“I have means.”

“Ah, means. I see.” His smile faded slightly. He pulled the rack off the counter and kicked it toward the storage room door. “I shouldn’t pry. Apologies.”

Alex pointed toward the back alcove where he spent his night watching this lovely man. “There. Came in dressed as a bodyguard and changed in the alcove.”

“You’re management.” Zach leaned on his elbows, clasping his hands together close to Alex’s wine glass. “Fraternizin’, I thought, wasn’t allowed.”

“Do you want me to leave?” Alex asked, willing to wage a challenge. He mirrored Zach’s hover, his knuckles a hair away from the man’s. “I can go, if that’ll please you.”

“I didn’t say to leave, but I’m tryin’ to figure this out.”


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Blog Hop Fun

The wonderful Michelle Roth nominated me to participate in this blog hop.  I’m so excited to take part.  Thank you for stopping by!  Here is a little about Michelle:

Michelle Roth is a novelist from Los Angeles, California. When she’s not disappearing into foreign lands, or making two perfect strangers that she invented fall in love, she’s probably curled up somewhere with a glass of wine and a good book.

In her spare time she is typically hanging out with her awesome boyfriend and their two equally awesome cats. She likes taking road trips to nowhere in particular, cooking elaborate meals then making other people do the dishes, and being nerdy on the internet. Her books are currently available on http://www.bookstrand.com/michelle-roth

Now, before we get to the fun stuff, those little tidbits about my writing and what makes me tick, here’s a little about me:

I grew up in New Jersey, a short drive outside of Manhattan. I was a busy kid, always somewhere doing something. Dance, gymnastics, swimming, you name it. Yes, I was one of those kids who didn’t come home until it was dinner time, played with friends on the street, rode bikes like it was going out of style. My best friend and I used to “produce” our own movies and play wizards and witches on the playground at school. I’ve always had an imagination that ran wild, and when I was in my pre-teens, I finally put all those outlandish ideas packed in my head to good use. I started writing stories, horror/thriller stories, when I was eleven. Romance wasn’t even a consideration until I was in my early twenties. When I made the cross from horror to romance, I discovered exactly what I should have been writing all along, and I’ve been writing romance ever since.

Now, I live in Florida with my husband and our two children. I write everyday, as much as time allows. My ultimate goal is to write full-time, and I’m hoping there will come a day when I can make that transition to obtain my dream.  My books are available at www.bookstrand.com/rhea-regale and www.bookstrand.com/leah-blake.

Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty.

1) What are you working on?

The answer to this depends on the day :) Right now, I’m working on book 7 of the Boys of Sinn Island series under a new pseudonym, Leah Blake. I have book eight in the mixer. I also have a new paranormal series I’m working on, which will be another ManLove series under Leah, and I’m trying to plot out the first four or five books.  Anyone who knows me knows plotting and I have a love-hate relationship.


2) How does your work differ from others in your genre?

I am a sucker for deep emotion and troubled characters. I love to evoke emotions in my readers.  I also want my readers to cheer my characters on, rooting for their happy-ever-after.  Some of my writing edges on the side of dark and gritty, but there is always a happily ever after. Lately, however, I’ve been writing a little lighter. Sinn Island is fun, carefree, and a dream getaway, even if the characters are layered with conflict and dark pasts. Even the uber rich have issue to deal with.  Money doesn’t buy everything.  It’s a unique place with a unique group of visitors, which makes it…unique :)


3) Why do you write what you write?

I write what the characters want me to write. I’m writing ManLove for Siren right now, but I’ve written ménage, both paranormal and contemporary, and I’ve written traditional MF erotic romance. I write what I feel is important for me to write, what I’m connecting with most at the time.  If I can’t connect with my characters, the story becomes flawed and hollow.  I’m not happy with it, and I don’t expect my readers to be happy with it, hence why it wouldn’t go out.  Sinn Island has sucked me in, and I foresee writing many stories in this series.


4) How does your writing process work?

My writing process isn’t really anything routine or special. With little ones running around, I write when I have the opportunity to write. Unfortunately, that’s usually during the night when everyone’s asleep. I am most productive when I have at least an hour or two of uninterrupted time to get into the groove and let the juices flow. I try to write chronologically because I don’t usually plot. I’ve found when I do plot, the story doesn’t stay on track. Nine out of ten times, it goes in a completely different direction. Trying to force a story to stay on track is a losing battle.


Countdown to Release

3 days until the release of Mine at Midnight, the first Boys of Sinn Island book under my new pseudonym, Leah Blake!  Don’t miss the beginning of this exciting, sexy new series!  Available for pre-order at www.bookstrand.com/mine-at-midnight.



ecm-lb-bosi-mineatmidnight-fullMarcus Stark still lives with the pain of abandonment five years after his lover disappeared from his life without an explanation, never forgetting the only man he ever loved. When he learns Trevor has booked a pricey reservation on Sinn Island, he intends to claim his runaway lover as his submissive in hopes of learning why he left.


Trevor Dawson’s need to set things straight with Marcus leaves him with a drained savings account and a weekend pass to a new, exclusive Caribbean island, and his ex-lover’s newest haunt. On a whim, he contracts himself to be a submissive only to learn identities are a secret, as are the real owners of Sinn.


Marcus can’t lose Trevor again, and he’s willing to break the rules of Sinn to capture Trevor’s heart. When Trevor reveals the reason he left Marcus, they must make a daunting decision. Can they overcome the dark stain of their past? Or will they suffer heartache as the weekend comes to an end?





“Marcus,” he called out before doubt had any chance to strangle him. Marcus slowed down and turned, his shaded eyes hiding the core of his expression, which appeared damn stoic and unfazed. Trevor stepped up to him, hands fisted by his sides to hold back the fiery burn to kiss the man and beg for forgiveness.

Marcus lifted his sunglasses to the top of his head and stared at him through dark blue eyes. Trevor swallowed down the memories of those eyes, how they darkened to navy when emotions claimed his lover or how they lightened, if only a little, with playfulness. He spent hours loving to look into Marcus’s eyes, his soul, the inspiration for his art in so many paintings.

“Back there. I wasn’t expecting to see you and, well, it kinda caught me off guard,” Trevor sputtered. He bit his lower lip and squeezed his eyes shut for a spilt second. No, idiot. “What I mean is, I didn’t come here to vacation. I’m here because I was hoping to find you here too.”

“You struck deep, didn’t you?” Marcus asked, making a slight motion to his own neck. Trevor shifted, ignoring the tightness the collar produced with each bolus of anxiety.

“I didn’t know where to start, but I remembered how things used to be and figured I’d give it a try.”

Damn, his face was burning under the piercing scrutiny of his former lover. His closeness, however left his cock throbbing against the zipper of his jeans, craving to indulge in what they once shared.

“I didn’t mean to come off rude, but seeing you again…” Trevor groaned, fisting a hand in his hair. He was never good at speaking under pressure. Leveling his gaze with Marcus, he said, “I’m so sorry about everything.”

“How did you know to come here? It’s not a road trip away,” Marcus pressed, taking a single step closer to Trevor. A good four or five feet still hung between them, but the short gap that Marcus struck away was enough to surround Trevor with the dominating thrum of Marcus’s presence.

Trevor licked his lips, warmth creeping up his neck. “I nosed around a little. A friend of a friend.”

“And how did this ‘friend of a friend’ know of my business on Sinn? Identities are meant to be kept secret here.”

Trevor snorted and rolled his eye to the vibrant green canopy of fronds and the denser casuarinas overhead. “You haven’t been the most inconspicuous as of late. You’ve been a pretty hard partier, hitting headlines in tabloids and such. It wasn’t that difficult to track you down once I knew for certain where to look.”

“And your hunt led you to a private island in the Caribbean that hosts risqué and taboo parties for the wealthy and provides a private sanctuary for those of high society to let loose their desires and indulge.” Another step. The air turned dense and hard to breathe. Trevor refused to step back, even though the sharp edges of Marcus’s personality glimmered in the outer rings of his irises. “What are your desires, Trevor?” He flicked the tag on the collar, his lips curling back. “Did you find it last night?”

Trevor stared at him for a long moment, trying to breathe. Marcus’s voice dipped low, liquid gravel creeping down his spine. That tone, sexually charged and alive…He recognized it.

My Master.

Trevor blinked, thankful for the sunglasses still covering his eyes. Marcus was his Master. This man standing before him, the man who owned him heart and soul off this island, owned him for the next two nights on Sinn.

He bit back the urge to divulge Marcus in this knowledge. If he did, he’d break two bold-and-underlined rules of Breakers—anonymity and privacy.

Maybe I’m wishing for too much. Maybe he isn’t my Master.

“It depends on the aspect you ask,” Trevor finally said, his voice thick with his mounting arousal.

One last step. They stood toe-to-toe, the narrow space between them pulsing with unspent energy. In five years of separation, one thing never died. The raw desire and carefully restrained urgency still hummed as loud and clear as it had during their year-long relationship.

“You, Trevor, are claimed by a Dom. You know what that means, right?” Marcus asked, raising his brows. Trevor nodded once, noting the challenge that lay beneath the man’s expression.

“I belong to another while on the island.”

“Very good. So you standing here with me can cause a major dilemma if your Dom catches you.”

“What if my Dom is you?” Trevor couldn’t stop himself before the words spilled out of his mouth. He wanted to know if Marcus was his Master, and if he could give himself over completely once night fell.

Marcus’s eyes darkened, and a dangerous curl came to the corners of his mouth.

God, I want to kiss you. I want to taste your mouth again.

“Then your Dom has found you and knows you breached agreement.”




I’m trying to build up my Author Page on Facebook for a few reasons.  1-I’m very active on FB, 2-I truly enjoy interacting with readers and can do that more easily on FB, 3-All of my news is up-to-date on FB, as I post daily, and 4-Why not?  I’m not giving up this site, but I would love to get to know those who drop by who I  haven’t “met” yet :D

The Rules:

1: Click on the link below and “Like” my page.


2: Post a comment on my Author page (Hi! is perfect :) )

3: If you refer a friend, make sure they tag you in a comment.  I will enter you twice ;D

4: This contest will close midnight EST, July 11, 2014.

The Prize: An autographed copy of Tempted by Her Trinity.  If I reach 150 likes, I will be giving away an autographed copy to 2 lucky winners!  Every additional 50 likes, another copy and another winner :)

Super simple!  My goal is to reach at least 100 likes.  Everyone who has liked my page will have a chance to win.  Many of my future contests will be hosted on my Author Page-not through my website or on my personal FB page-so you will have those opportunities to win prizes as well.  With 6 scheduled releases between July and November at his time (hopefully many more before the end of the year), there will be many contests, and not only for books.  I’m looking into some fun swag and bundles as well.

Don’t be shy!  Come play!  The more who participate, the more prizes there will be.  Tell your friends about the contest, share the link, and don’t forget to tell anyone you refer to tag you in their comment!  I look forward to announcing winners!  Good Luck!





[Ménage Amour: Erotic Paranormal Ménage a Quatre Romance, M/F/M/M, vampires, bondage, spanking, flogging, sex toys, HEA]

After two hundred years, Zandra Arella’s Awakening brings a frightening twist. Three of the four Elders have been destroyed, her sire the final target. Zandra has little time to learn the ways of this new world. Each hour she delays in tracking down the lethal Trinity is an hour her enemy has gained.

Lucien, Damion, and Tor Corrington are no strangers to their father’s greedy demands and cunning ideas. They disregard his claim that the Assassin is hunting them down until they cross paths with Zandra. Her acute knowledge of a strange vampire-specific virus, the sudden depletion of succubi, and a cryptic concern for the Elders and their Assassin leaves the brothers, especially Lucien, certain the woman hides more than she shares.

Passions erupt between Zandra and the Corrington brothers, but with pleasure comes haunting secrets and dark betrayals. She has one chance to save Sire, the vampire breed, and her Trinity, and to convince the brothers to trust her and hope that following her heart doesn’t kill her…again.




Boys of Sinn Island 5 & 6

Hi everyone!

Hope your summer is starting off…hot.  I know mine is.  Florida in the summer is pretty brutal.  We spend most of the time inside, unless there is pool/ocean access within a few yards.  Disney?  Out of the question.  No way will you find me walking around ultra crowded parks in 100+ weather. No thank you :)

So, my latest news?  I’m officially an RN!  Over two years of working for this and it’s finally here :D  I can’t express how much of a relief it is to see that license.  It’s real!  Now, to find a job…

The second bit of news?  Books 5 and 6 of the Boys of Sinn Island series have been accepted by Siren and have projected release dates for October and November of this year.  Book 5, Mine to Keep, is a story based on two best friends who hold deeper feelings for each other that are revealed only when their friendship is tested.  Book 6, Yours to Claim, is an intense story about a man coming out and the crush who helps him learn about his suppressed desires.  Yes, hot hot hot!  I’ll be posting covers and blurbs soon, so keep checking back.

Also, I’m in the midst of setting up a website dedicated specifically to Leah Blake and the work I produce under that name.  Once the site is up and running, I’ll post the link.  Be sure to check it out :D

As of today, I’ll be starting the first book in the spinoff series for Sinn Island.  I can’t wait to check out these characters and how they make things work between them.



Cover Love Time

Hello my friends!

I’m so excited to share the cover for Mine at Midnight with you!  This entire Boys of Sinn Island series has taken me by storm.  I love these characters.  I love the setting–who wouldn’t want to escape to an island of decadent pleasures…and darkest passions?  I can’t wait to share some little snippets ;)

ecm-lb-bosi-mineatmidnight-fullIf you missed one of my earlier posts or Facebook announcements, this series will be published under my new pseudonym, Leah Blake.  Oh, don’t worry.  The spin-off will be under Rhea :)  And there’s a lot to write about when you have a never-ending supply of rich and extravagant customers begging to take up a cottage or villa on this private island.

So, have I piqued your interest?  Want to know a little more about Mine at Midnight?  Well, here’s the blurb:


Marcus Stark still lives with the pain of abandonment five years after his lover disappeared from his life without an explanation, never forgetting the only man he ever loved. When he learns Trevor has booked a pricey reservation on Sinn Island, he intends to claim his runaway lover as his submissive in hopes of learning why he left.

Trevor Dawson’s need to set things straight with Marcus leaves him with a drained savings account and a weekend pass to a new, exclusive Caribbean island, and his ex-lover’s newest haunt. On a whim, he contracts himself to be a submissive only to learn identities are a secret as the real owners of Sinn.

Marcus can’t lose Trevor again, and he’s willing to break the rules of Sinn to capture Trevor’s heart. When Trevor reveals the reason he left Marcus, they must make a daunting decision. Can they overcome the dark stain of their past? Or will they suffer heartache as the weekend comes to an end?


Keep checking back for more information about my boys of Sinn :)



Tara Rose’s Summer Sizzling Promo

Hi everyone!

The wonderful Tara Rose is hosting a Summer Sizzling Promo on her blog from June 2nd through July 4th!  Don’t miss the fun as she pimps authors, blurbs, book covers, and excerpts for the next month.  Never know what gems you might find to steam up the sand a little more ;)

Each week, a different genre pairing will be featured.  To kicked it off, meet those hot couples invested in a MMF relationship, followed by MFM, MM, MF, and FFM and MFMM.  Tara will be featuring my books from June 2nd through June 14th, so be sure to check them out :)


Just click on the link to the right that says Summer Sizzling Promo and you’ll be taken directly to her blog.  Or, you can click on the link below.  Hope you enjoy!





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